Signs-of-Dissension-in-the-Ranks Department: Anti-Drone Ad in Air Force Times


Air Force Times Runs Veterans’ Ad Urging Drone Pilots to Refuse to Fly

September 19, 2015

by Alexandra Reed Kelly


On Monday, the Air Force Times, a weekly newspaper with a circulation of over 65,000 subscribers who include active, reserve and retired U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and general military personnel and their families, published the advertisement below, carrying a message from 54 veterans urging U.S. drone pilots to refuse to follow orders to fly surveillance and attack missions, citing international law. reports:

In addition to Iraq Veterans Against the War,, Veterans for Peace and World Can’t Wait, the ad is supported by: Code Pink; Mennonite 1040 for Peace Committee; War Is a and and many people who contributed on GoFundMe and in response to appeals at the annual Kateri and Veterans for Peace conferences. …

The ad comes at a time of increasing drone surveillance and attack missions, which are now underway in Syria as well as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

A Bureau of Investigative Journalism report indicates that other areas under drone surveillance and potential places of attack include: “Iran, North Africa, the Trans-Sahel (West Africa), Levant region (includes Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as well as Syria), Gulf States and territorial waters.”


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