Fitts and Ferguson, two extraordinary women who invoke Divine Intelligence to pierce the matrix machine

2 A.M. Started listening to a new two-hour darkjournalist podcast with Katherine Austin Fitts, As usual, her vast knowledge of “the way things work” in this increasingly mechanized world which, she claims, is corrupt all the way through — and that means down to you and me — plus her wonderful attitude about simple and yet profound ways that we, when we get together, can shift the entire scenario, fascinates. She is the only well known financial/geopolitical analyst I’m aware of who starts talking about “divine intelligence” as that which is way more powerful than any control system “they” put in place. YES! If you don’t have time, at least start listening at about 1:40 minutes in.

V. Susan Ferguson image:

V. Susan Ferguson image:

Katherine’s discussion of entrainment technologies designed to harvest us all one-by-one through smart phones and other devices synchronistically dovetails with the message of today’s Nexus Illuminati post, by V. Susan Ferguson —

Earth as An Alien Enterprise

— who invites us to rethink our fascination with technology. An excerpt from her discussion of “algorithms”:

The algorithms are constantly being refined and expanded to further invade every aspect of our lives, therefore, there can be no ‘transparency,’ as regulators struggle to even understand an ever-changing field created by minds digitally oriented and advanced far-beyond most. The private companies and corporations pay these digital geniuses far more money than possible for the government agencies that are supposed to protect the public, luring the best minds away from the regulatory sector with hugely obscene salaries.

The innovators run the game and everyone else, including regulators, are clueless, in the dark, and vulnerable. As Pasquale says, “Secret algorithms — obscured by a triple layer of technical complexity, secrecy, and ‘economic espionage’ laws that can land would-be whistle-blowers in prison — still prevent us from understanding what is truly going on in many major financial firms.”

Whereas Fitts calls for “transparency,” Ferguson says it’s impossible. Nevertheless, they agree that the key to piercing the digital algorithmic A.I. money matrix is to reconnect with the Divine Intelligence that fuels and flows through the heart of Being.

Ferguson concludes:

Our entry into the rest of the universe, the end of Earth’s so-called ‘quarantine’ and centuries of the miserable rule of tyrants lay in our realization of the Oneness of All and of our inter-connectedness with the Woven Universe. As more of us begin to understand that everything and everyone, every man, woman & child, and every being in the universe is God, we increase our chances of being able to shake off these insane greedy tyrants, like the fleas that they are, without firing a shot.

The revolution has to take place within each of us as a change in our consciousness. The Truth does set you free.


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