Saturn closes in on Jupiter/Neptune: This is the dreamtime. Materialization follows.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.49.04 AMNote: See this post first.

Literally. We are sitting in the center of the dreamtime: Jupiter (at 8°) Virgo sits directly opposite Neptune (at 8°) Pisces.

Let us pin down the details of our vision: Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces.

The vision is large, it encompasses opposites, stretches us beyond the horizon and plants our feet on the ground: Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces.

For the last few weeks, especially in astrological posts, I’m noticing that I tend to proclaim, tell, predict the future. As if it’s already here. As if this is the direction we are heading. As if I know. Say wha?

The part of me that still functions as the detached observer, open to whatever, shudders. How dare I?

Well, that’s not the part that’s doing the proclaiming. It’s another part, the “activist” part, that aspect of myself that dares to jump off the cliff of imagination, dreaming new dreams.

So let’s be clear. I don’t “know.” I imagine, envision. And I declare that this vision is of great value, worth manifesting.

As I turn my mind, heart and spirit in that direction, so does the rest of my body follow.

Saturn in Sagittarius, where values and ideals are declared, propelling the exact futures that they set in motion.

Jupiter exactly opposed Neptune on September 18, only one day following the Saturn ingress into Sagittarius and Mercury SRx on September 17th.

I didn’t notice that exact opposition until now, two days later! Why? Did the gauzy, misty effects of Jupiter/Neptune fog my brain?


Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the T-cross in mutable signs now forming as Saturn begins to square the Jupiter/Neptune opposition.

The exact square between Jupiter and Saturn occurred in late Leo (Jupiter) and late Scorpio (Saturn), during the first week of August, exactly as Saturn turned to go direct.

That was part of the final drama of Saturn in Scorpio, the too-large Leo ego railing against Scorpio’s scouring of the unconscious to excavate both deeply hidden fears and the intensely shameful behavior of those with “power” over those without.

Saturn has now changed signs, from Scorpio to fiery, idealistic, truth-seeking Sagittarius, and as it does begins to close in on squaring Neptune, Jupiter’s partner in this ongoing dance of opposition — connection, communion, as we dissolve into the space between them — that links practicality to vision, details with cosmic consciousness.

Saturn asks Neptune to carve visions into forms, which means, in practice, to limit ourselves to that which we can actually accomplish. Materialization, manifestation, direct, limiting focus on results of what is envisioned by Jupiter/Neptune, now begins to push into form from within, preparing to “turn the corner” (i.e., make a square relationship to) Neptune itself, seat of the soul, and of our dreams.

The finale?

Saturn exactly squares Neptune the final week of November through mid-December 2015, at 7° of the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces. This will be the time of decision as to formal manifestation, though a mop-operation will be afforded in August 2016, when Saturn, backing up, returns to 9° and turns then to go direct.

This all contains immense relevance for me personally, since my natal Saturn is at 7° Gemini, the other mutable sign that completes the T-cross forming now. In other words, I am heading into my third (and final) Saturn opposition, when the seeds that I dropped in at my second Saturn return (at 59-60, when I moved to Bloomington) reach full flowering.

Late November through early December, extremely important for my own big dreams for stabilizing within the existing legal system this two-house eco-pod within the still forming Green Acres Ecovillage: another house and land? Put under some kind of a community land trust and/or worker’s cooperative? Thinking, thinking.

Between now and then, need to study various models. What has already been done? How DO we transform existing sterile suburban neighborhoods into regenerative, life-giving villages? And especially, how do we do this cooperatively, together?

BTW: Thursday night’s community dinner brought together over a dozen people who stayed quite late into the evening, this time without music, deep into conversation. Several were close neighbors, one of whom had never been here before!, others were from Dandelion and Middle Earth.

As usual, I left the party early, and went to bed.

P.S. My carrot pudding was a big hit. Rebecca called it “soothing.” In any case, we’ve decided that it’s a good dessert staple: made mostly of carrots and coconut milk, gluten free!

Meanwhile, at the party, I asked and Rebekkah, from down the street said, yes, of course, we can have her pile of grass clippings that I’ve been eyeing on my walks with Shadow. I made eight trips with the wheelbarrow yesterday, probably need 30 more over the weekend.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, Katarina is hosting an event for women and children only. (Men invited after 6 p.m.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 8.43.44 AM

And finally, check out this Jupiter/Neptune creation: a recent collage, composed by podmates Katarina and Brie.

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