Bernie Bernie! Do you really want to get to the heart of the matter?

If so, then you must confront and vow to dismantle the bloated, death-dealing, American military machine.

But as usual, Bernie makes no mention on the Colbert show of the ghastly military industrial elephant in the global room that feeds on everything and everybody to further enrich the 0.001 1%.

I cling to a few of his tweets during the second Republican debate . . .

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 4.31.30 PM

Even so, as David Swanson notes (I made some of his commentary bold):

As you know, Bernie Sanders focuses on money issues, taxing the rich, spending on the poor, but has thus far been permitted to engage in the general practice of speaking only about the 46% of federal discretionary spending that it not military.

Nobody has asked him about the 54% that by the calculation of National Priorities Project is military. Nobody has asked him if Eisenhower was right that military spending produces wars. Here are 25,000 people who want to know whether and how much Sanders would want to cut military spending.

He’s silent on the public support for two, not one, great sources of revenue: taxing the rich (which he’s all over) and cutting the military (which he avoids).

When he is asked about wars and says Saudi Arabia should pay for and lead them, nobody has followed up by asking whether the wars are themselves good or not or how the theocratic murderous regime in Saudi Arabia which openly seeks to overthrow other governments and is dropping US cluster bombs on Yemen will transform the wars into forces for good. Since when is THAT “socialism”?

If you go to Bernie’s website and click on ISSUES and search for foreign policy it’s just not there. He recently added the Iran agreement, after the fact, in which statement he says that war should “always be on the table” even though the U.N. Charter ban on threatening war makes no exception for candidate websites.

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  1. zoidion says:

    Well, here’s another big money (and power) issue: that of the two-tier “justice” system, in which corporate criminals and corporations themselves get essentially a free pass, or at most just pay a modest chunk of money. As in this report on General Motors, which was bailed out by the usual people (the general public, unasked of course):

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