“Oculus,” my eye! This is BULLSHIT.

Well, well. At 2:30 A.M. this morning I actually listened for nearly the full two hours to a video that yes, was interesting, especially the part that points out all the assumptions buried in the sophisticated, creepy “Mother Nature” video with Julia Roberts voice. The author also states what he assumes his own assumptions are, which doesn’t make me want to listen to him either ! But whatever! It’s fascinating to lie in bed in the middle of the night during this supposedly crucial month of September 2015, trying to parse something that’s trying to parse something . . .

So this morning, I see this next post. And like Melissa Dykes, I’m utterly creeped out by this “Oculus” structure, and its symbology, at the new One World Trade Center. To echo the well-known Guy Fawkes phrase: “Re-member, remember, the 11th of September. . .” Besides its obvious resonance with the all-seeing eye of global surveillance, this weird “living” technological monstrosity, this eye set to “open” each year on 911 for precisely 102 minutes (from when the first plane hit the tower to when the second building fell) — in other words, to annually trigger us back into FEAR (false evidence appearing real) so that we can be more easily manipulated and centrally controlled — supposedly demonstrates man’s “vulnerability” while offering “a connection to a higher order.” What higher order? Reptilian? Illuminati? UN Agenda, 2021? 2030? Makes me want to gag.

Oculus, the Cosed All-Seeing Eye at Ground Zero, to “Open” Each Year on 9/11




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  1. CindyW says:

    Interesting post. I saw the “Oculus” and “Freedom Tower” this past June, as I rode by in a chartered vehicle with young people, to a nephew’s wedding in Brooklyn (ironically and fortuitously at a location in full view of the Statue of Liberty, though helicopters kept buzzing over the Brooklyn waterfront in a creepy way). Intuitively disliked them; like this journalist, thought “Oculus” looked more like bones, a great beached whale, and “Freedom Tower” like a monument to Ayn Rand. “Sleek new Financial District” in the voiceover on the museum – that is the true wellspring of inspiration – of it all. Some wanted a quieter, simpler monument but were overruled.

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