Sunday Morning Fun and Games Department: James Corbett and Abby Martin on 911

On this morning, this glorious morning, one so crisp and fresh and brimming with life and power that I say to myself, “Mother Earth can care for herself!” I.e., no matter what we do, we are puny in our capacity to ruin her. She has tricks up her sleeve. Many of them. We have no idea what they are or who she really is.

Meanwhile, this morning, watched/listened to two new reports from fantastic young alternative investigative journalists: James Corbett, who “follows the money” down the rabbit hole of 911; and Abby Martin, who lays out, in ghastly detail, Empire’s wreckage of all that is alive in Afghanistan, the Mideast and beyond since 911. Her interview with Ramsey Clark feels especially poignant.

I ask myself. Why do I continue to post this kind of ghastly geopolitical/economic/military “news”? Answer: because most people, in the U.S. especially, are still, STILL! asleep!

Or are they?

Are you?



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  1. I love James Corbett, in a sea of very questionable ‘alternative media’ blogger’s, youtube truth evangelist’s, he practically stands alone as a pioneer, his integrity, impeccable, thank you for this Ann!

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, James has crafted THE definitive report on financial machinations relating to 9/11 and
    following the money trail is an effective means of unmasking 9/11 minus the histrionics that
    at times seems to accompany information on the subject.

    Many have ‘sensed’ that things were ‘off” regarding 9/11 but ‘feelings’ on the subject were
    easily marginalized by those who demand hard info of the sort provided in this video. Kudos
    to James in this endeavor which makes the info understandable and in just under one hour.

    The years since 9/11 have seen a take-down of the financial stability of the United States in
    warp speed. This has occurred in tandem with destabilization in lending, housing, natural
    resources, education and healthcare to name a few.

    However, no single paradigm is as powerful as financial instability in the process of under-
    mining a nation’s sovereignty and wreckage begins when enormous numbers of people are
    asleep at the wheel and assume that leaders within these failing institutions have matters
    under control.

    ‘9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money’ is a credible wake-up call to hard, fast truths of 9/11 and
    if even a few sleepers awaken, hope exists. Thanks for running this.

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