9/11, Fourteen Years on: Paul Simon’s Silence. Burning Man. Birthing Man!

Despite the millions of words about that signature event 911, despite all the “conspiratorial” “truther” theories of what did or did not happen and why, and whodunit, it may be that Paul Simon is right. That the only resonant response to unimaginable atrocity is the Sound of Silence. This video from so-called Ground Zero, four years ago.

Prediction: by September 11, 2016, we will be much further along in allowing the horrific truth to emerge within the general populace. Why do I say that? Because next year’s 15th anniversary will occur close to the “Saturn opposition” point for the event, which occurred when (structural) Saturn at 14° Gemini opposed (death/rebirth) Pluto at 10° Sagittarius.



Moreover, on September 18, this year, 2015 — only seven days after this 14th anniversary of the event that detonated within the collective psyche of the American people so stupendously that the only way to describe it is to say that those still unaware of the “inside job” machinations that went on that day and leading up to that day are suffering from a cognitive and emotional dissonance so extreme that it can only be described as severe PTSD — Saturn will exit primal Scorpio, where we have scoured the underworld emotionally, into truth-seeking Sagittarius. And stay there, until December 2017.

And, once that happens, once we do grok, as a people, the extraordinary perfidy of that single day, how it was used as a mind-control trigger to sink us into terror via the “War on Terror” in a continuously ratcheting up police state, we will throw off the shackles. Those shackles are imaginary anyway, only effective because we be-lie-ve in them. Let it go. Let it all go. Be yourself. Be fully and completely who you, uniquely, are. All the rest will take care of itself.

Once that happens, once we all — or enough of us, the precise percentage up for debate — WAKE UP, then the mesmerizing light-struck nuclear mushroom cloud, so long used as a symbol to stun us into submission lest it blow up our faces, will take on an entirely other coloration, that of symbolizing the extraordinary creative expression of the human spirit, unleashed into the world.

Image: sodahead.com

Image: sodahead.com

In that light, consider Burning Man. A temporary city created in the Nevada desert where all those nuclear bombs were tested, for the express purpose of continuous enhanced creativity gifting to one and all; a week-long event that ends by celebrating impermanence, burning up its huge, beautiful central sculptures and temples.

Burning man 2013, temple burn.

Burning man 2013, temple burn.

Burning man symbolizes the human being brimming with the fire of creation; he/she burns extremely hot and bright. Once activated, there is nothing, nothing that can stop us from not only overthrowing the selfish, psychopathic, so-called “masters of the universe,” but we will bow to the Mystery so deeply that not just the birds and bees, and not just the Holy Mother Earth herself, but the very galaxies wheeling round will sing the song of our human emergence into the cosmic play. Stories and legends of how we broke free of the mind-created yoke will reverberate into dimensions beyond this one, whisper endlessly of this — OUR! — human initiation into the vastness.

You wondered why you were born? Now? Why you had to “come in” during such a ghastly difficult moment? This is why. The human species is laboring to be born.

And we are in the final throes of pushing.

The universe awaits our birthing wail of release.


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  1. Ted Blodgett says:

    You have outdone yourself here – bravo!

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  2. laurabruno says:

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    Thank you, Ann!

  3. Chelley says:

    Burning man is held in Northern Nevada, near Reno – about 500 miles from the test site near Las Vegas. But a very interesting read nonetheless.

  4. omanuel says:

    The events of 9/11 opened my eyes to a reality I had refused to admit earlier:


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    Take it from me, rebirth is a good thing, and collective rebirth will be our salvation.

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