Is the “Refugee Crisis” Phoney?

Remember the little boy whose drowned body was washed up by the sea? Well, Thierry Meyssan says that bodies are not washed up perpendicular, but parallel. And he wonders how official photographers just happened to be there.

That’s just to start. All in all, this is a VERY interesting read, and puts the refugee phenomenon in a much larger perspective.

Are we being played? If so, by whom and to what end? (Hint: NATO, most likely).

The Phoney “Refugee Crisis”

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  1. Bostjan K. says:

    Dear Ann. The refugee crisis is far from staged. I happen to live on the borders near Croatia in Slovenia, and can tell you that migration and refugee crisis is not a hoax, although of course it is man made mostly – complete devastation of Syria, middle east problems, Isis etc. Please take note that there are just too many reporters that are not just mouths for corporate media, that continually report from grounds where refugees are – so many of them right now in Macedonia, in Belgrade etc. The whole Balkan region is currently swamped with refugees, that cannot go through Hungary – neonacists, putting the wall, and are trying to go by bus or trains to Austria and Germany…

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