A riff on guns, gun culture, gun control, gun swaps — and what’s next?

I grew up in “the west.” As I recall, my Dad had at least one gun in the parental closet. It was for “protecting the family” if necessary. Or was it just my friends’ dads who had guns in closets? Possibly. I really don’t remember. It was no big deal. We weren’t supposed to touch them and they were never used.

When I went back to Idaho and (briefly) married my high school boyfriend, he also had guns in the closet. Again, for the same reason, and no big deal, though their presence made me nervous.

A few years later in my very checkered life I was briefly “with” a very dark ex-military (special ops) figure who also had guns, but whose flashing temper worried me. Long story. Needless to say, I didn’t appreciate the guns at all, and wanted him and everybody who had guns to get rid of them. But his argument, that “if the people get rid of their guns, then only the government will have guns,” which I thought silly and paranoid at the time — this was in 1980 — I now find compelling.

Which puts me, on this issue, apparently in the camp of the “right wing.”

Did you know that nearly 90% of American households include guns? Way more than any other country.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.15.36 AMNo wonder this government is afraid of its own people. No wonder so many “lone shooter” false flags aimed at taking the guns away.

Though most in the U.S. don’t stop their consuming/grasping/distracting life long enough to pay attention, it’s obvious to the rest of us that the U.S. rains bullets and bombs and drones on people in other lands way more than any other country. In fact, as of 2014, the U.S. had invaded 23 countries in 30 years.


In other words, there’s lots of mirroring going on here. Guns “R” Us.

Despite my contradictory “political stance,” (pro the freedom to own a gun AND agin violence of any kind), I love the following article, and can imagine what would happen if you offered computers to guerrilla fighters everywhere, including inner cities here in the U.S., plus ISIS and Al Queda folks, whose violent radicalism is, no doubt, not just surreptitiously spurred on by NATO, the CIA and the MIC, but fueled by poverty and desperation. Even better, how about offering them a hectare of land, plus tools and know-how to grow food?

Young Men Swapping Guns for Laptops



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