Russian bill proposes to give every citizen one hectare of land for self-sufficiency

In order to fruitfully parse this proposal, we might consider both the relative sizes and populations of the U.S. and Russia, as well as geopolitical implications.

According to wikipedia, the U.S. population is more than twice as large as Russia’s.

U.S. population: 321,766,000

Russian population: 146, 575, 230

And, except for Alaska and Hawaii, here’s a map of the U.S. on top of Russia.


Much of Russian landmass is pristine, (15% of it tundra) unlike that of U.S, where so much cropland has been ruined by GMO and pesticides. In contrast, Russia bans GMO. It appears that 50 to 55% of Russian land is essentially uninhabited. Of course, transnational corporations and central banksters are salivating over rich resources buried in and under the Russian heartland.

Russian officials propose bill to grant every citizen one hectare of farm and forest land to use for self-sufficiency

September 6, 2015

by Jonathan Benson


(NaturalNews) The Pacific Rim of Russia could soon see a mass migration of young people if a government scheme to repopulate this largely uninhabited area is successful. In an effort to promote self-reliance and good land stewardship, the Russian government is planning to grant every Russian citizen who wants it one hectare of land for free as long as these landholders use their land for farming, self-sufficiency, and/or other legal uses.

Russia’s vast Far East territory is currently home to about six million people, but this number has been waning in recent years. The Russian government estimates that once the land grant program is initiated, 30 million more people could flock to the region, infusing new life into an area of Russia that would otherwise qualify as uninhabited Siberia.

“Free land grants [are] a powerful potential for developing our Eastern territories and an opportunity to radically — almost six fold — increase the far eastern population from 6.4 million to 36 million people,” stated Alexander Galushka, the minister of development for this region, to the Siberian Times about the program.

If everything goes as planned, the program will come into effect on January 1, 2016, and run for 19 years. Russian citizens who take residency on these appropriated land plots will have to prove during the first five years that they’re using them properly. After this five-year probationary period, land occupants will be given full ownership of their land in perpetuity.

Based on a government survey, the vast majority of interested Russians have indicated that they plan to use their land for self-reliance. Others have said they plan to become farmers, while a select bunch simply plan to relocate somewhere new in order to start a new life.

Russia gives land to its citizens while U.S. takes land away through Agenda 21

Some are skeptical of the plan, however, recalling a Russian land-voucher scheme from the 1990s that ended up granting large blocs of land to “a few spectacularly rich tycoons,” to quote the Siberian Times. However, others believe this latest land grant plan is worlds apart from the earlier one and that it will greatly benefit the average Russian citizen.

In either case, it’s a far cry from how the American government treats its citizens when it comes to land ownership. Rather than try to increase land ownership and spread the wealth around, federal bureaucrats in the U.S. are actually stealing land from rural citizens in an attempt to force all Americans into densely-packed urban enclaves.

It’s all part of a plan known as Agenda 21 that aims to “rewild” the vast majority of U.S. territory by forcibly relocating people out of their homes and into government micro-managed cities. The federal government already owns nearly half of the land area in nine U.S. states, it turns out, and U.S.A. Inc. is progressively eating up more of it with each passing day.

While Russia is working towards putting measures in place to expand freedom and land ownership amongst its citizens, the U.S. is being radically transformed into a massive, government-owned prison, with cities as cell blocks and all of that increasingly unattainable open space swelling in scope outside the prison walls.

“Rewilding is ultimately about property rights,” explains Kelly O’Connell for Canada Free Press. “In transferring large tracts of land (a.k.a. Big Wilderness) into government hands it thereby cancels any rights of the original owners.”

“This is, in fact, the entire goal of rewilding large, dangerous carnivores — to take away mankind’s property rights to big parcels of land so the elite caste might macro-manage earth according to their dictates.”

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