My Dinner with Andre — and John Taylor Gatto

Note: I wasn’t kidding yesterday.

Speaking of which, this clip from an old movie seems to be going viral right now.

Question: Are you bored?

If so, you are asleep.


The future is as the above clip foreshadows only if we continue to buy into robotic conditioning, allowing those tiny conceptual helmets schools forcibly slam on our heads to stomp out the life force within us. Take off your helmet! Shake out your hair!

John Taylor Gatto, a former teacher and author of Dumbing Us Down and other deeply radical and well-researched tomes about the ultimate corporate NWO purpose of compulsory schooling, tells a story about a flea trap. Says that if you put fleas into a petri dish, they will jump out. But if you put a lid on the petri dish, the fleas will try and try to jump, hitting the ceiling over and over again until finally, 24 hours later, you can open up the dish to find the fleas all huddled in the middle of the dish, never to try to jump out again.


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