September 2015. What gives? What comes? Hmmmm . . .

During this long-awaited month of September 2015 when all sorts of dire prophecies may or may not manifest — including financial armageddon, the pope taking over the world, and let’s see, what else — oh, of course, wars and rumors of wars, continuous false-flag shootings, drastic planetary changes, on and on — I found this particular piece from Laura Bruno invigorating.

The Truth of the Matter . . .

Oh, and BTW: here’s a particularly convoluted, wide-ranging, nearly delirious dot-connector from Ken at redefininggod, the finale supposedly slated for yes, September, but not until next year.

Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016 [Addendum 8.1 — How to fake the Second Coming of Christ]

I’ve always felt in my bones that “the new year” begins in September, not January. Why?Well, duh! Because I was conditioned from the time I was five years old, by school. Could it be that the focus on dreadful news in September is simply the deranged echo of grown-up school kids dreading the start of yet another year when our bodies would be corralled into tiny seats and our minds into teensy alphabetical, grammatical and logical structures? Might it be that we’re all suffering from PTSD, and it gets triggered by even thinking about “September”?

Just kidding. Or am I?


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