PHOTO ESSAY: Friday morning, 10 A.M. in GANG garden — and more!

Since everyone in this little two-house eco-pod is very busy and scattered to the four winds, we’ve designated Friday mornings, 10 A.M., for work parties in the GANG garden.

It hasn’t rained for a month. Even so, most of the garden has been well mulched, and is only now starting to dry up. Here are a few shots from yesterday, courtesy Bradley Jacob Cox, a new eco-pod member (and photographer turning pro), who comments on his fb page:

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.45.19 AM

Here’s the photo he put up with the above commentary, taken after our work party, so we’re way sweatier than we appear here.

IMG_6260A few more of Bradley’s shots from yesterday.

IMG_6205Michaele is here so much we’ve decided she’s our mascot. In the background, a slatted fence around the rainwater collection system from the DeKist house roof.

IMG_6225Rebecca, in front of the DeKist house, checks on the sea berries that she planted in the wild mint bed.

IMG_6257 It takes years for the sea berry bush to mature. Here’s what it will look like:


Brie, hard at work, mulching.

IMG_6217Rebecca put me in charge of what little watering was necessary. Four more days of predicted mid-90° weather will probably see us watering more.


I’m more often found at the computer — here in the DeKist house, because the internet at the Overhill house is so slow (we’ve been piggybacking on the DeKist system). AT&T comes at 1 p.m today to install a separate system there.


Luckily for all of us, Leah happens to be very organized . . .

IMG_6273It’s a good life. Besides the work party, we’ve held two potluck parties in the past week, both outside in the Green Acres Lounge. As the decidedly senior member of this melange, I tend to go to bed early, and ask them to either stop by 10 p.m. or “keep it down.” They do.

IMG_2319Katarina strung lights out there for last winter’s Christmas Open House and Garden Tour. Chalk art on the patio, started by Bradley, is revving up. Here’s Brie again, during one of those parties . . .





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