Greek peoples join Icelandic in generosity to refugees

It’s not only Iceland where the people are bypassing their government to directly assist refugees.

“Humanity and hope do not have national borders.”

Everyday People Put Solidarity into Action Helping Refugees in Greece


Almost 1,000 lives reach Greek shores every day, of which 60% are from Syria,according to the United Nations refugee agency. The Eastern and North Aegean Islands of Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Chios and Lesbos have become temporary shelter for thousands arriving in dinghies from the sea.

The islands, many of which are tourist destinations, don’t have the infrastructure and means to serve so many people. Additionally, local residents are not always in a welcoming mood.

Nevertheless, the deus ex machina in this case is not the government, but local residents and activists from near and far who are gathering food, medicine, clothes, toys and other equipment for the refugees. Many of them are using Facebook and Twitter (#refugeesGr) to spread the word.


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