Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces lights up Jupiter/Neptune: BEWARE (BE AWARE OF) ILLUSIONS!

I talked with podmate Rebecca for a while around dinnertime this evening, outside, sitting in the Green Acres Lounge — we were going to discuss what needs to be done around here (Virgo) and ended up discussing our dreams (Pisces) —


I was also drinking a bottle of hard cider, and then, within an hour, I crashed. Went straight to bed. Woke up just after midnight to sounds of a college party — booming male voices, high excited female voices — and thought, “Oh no, here we go again.” Another college year in the hood.

Of course I had been drinking too, only earlier. After all, I’m 72 years old, and most of my high living is behind me. But I still do wake up to shouts from outside my window. And I still wake up, daily, to a world that feels crazily out of kilter. And then I remembered, while lying abed with the shouting, that today, just turned, August 29, is the day of the Full Moon at 6°07 Virgo/Pisces, which just happens to light up the current Jupiter/Neptune opposition that is forming in those two signs. To wit:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.59.37 AM

Jupiter is now at 3° Virgo, Neptune at 8° Pisces. The Full Moon at 6°07 this coming afternoon will light up them both, briefly — and brands this coming lunar month as one that will test our discernment with its kaleidoscopic display of multidimensional illusions: this aspect spreads out between expansive Jupiter, very uncomfortable in the sign of tight, clear analysis and mystical, dreamy, deceptive Neptune reveling in its own sign of oceanic, even collective dreams and visions.

Jupiter and Neptune will move into exact opposition on September 17, at 8°07 Virgo/Pisces. From now on, during the final week of this month and all of next month, watch out for what you “be-lie-ve,” for it is probably either a deliberate lie, or, in any case, way too small to be correctly (Virgo) considered within an infinite universe (Pisces).

So I woke up this moonlit night from sleep (Neptune in Pisces), hearing the shouts of drunken young people (expansive Jupiter combines with escapist Neptune) during a time when the Moon is beaming down, full, sloshing hormones to and fro, engaging young humans in its ever-changing biological dance that, left unchecked, leads to copulation.

And here I sit now at my computer in the middle of this moonlit night, deciding to finally write the post about how we don’t know what we think we know. We never do. But we can certainly investigate all these illusions that continuously dance in front of us as we swipe at them, one after another, like mosquitos in the Boundary Waters (interesting metaphor: putting bounds on flowing water), trying to not let the buggers bite us, wanting to fend off anything, anything, that might hurt, cut, kill — or even, amaze.

The kids are still shouting outside. In the middle of the dark street inside the moonbeams. What do they “believe”? Do they believe?

In case you haven’t guessed by now, this little riff is very Neptunian, Piscean, even though it attempts to also be Virgoan. I’m trying like hell to move into discernment, always. And it’s hard, when so much bullshit, and most of it IS bullshit, tries to grab attention.

Rada Lay wrote a brilliant piece on all this recently, distinguishing between info/disinfo and an info dump that hides in plain sight but is directed toward someone specific:

Learn to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media)

I found this piece on my iphone while in my tent on the Kawishiwi River (yes, amazingly, we did have internet there; I mostly tried to avoid it), and immediately noted her post for future reference. I find Lada Ray to be both brilliant and uncannily accurate in her assessments and prognostications re: the geopolitical scene. Thank you, Lada!



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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Not more illusion? The human mind can only take just so much 🙁 It seems never ending! Happy full moon anyway… VK

    • Yes, it does seem to be neverending. I heard one person ask a question at the Boundary Waters events that I participated in. She said, to someone else: “I just want to get to the bottom of it. What is the bottom?” I couldn’t help but comment: “There is no bottom.” She looked at me, uncomprehending. . .

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