Multi-purpose refugee “tent”: BRILLIANT DESIGN!

So excited to see human imagination put to work for transformation. Via Korrine.

BTW: having lived in a 20-foot yurt (also a tent) in the Tetons for nearly 20 years, I can see myself moving into one of these. Why think of them as temporary? Unless of course, we realize that all our homes are temporary, no matter how we try — and fail — to maintain them forever. Oh wait! On the other hand, according to the presentation I heard two nights ago, hempcrete (as opposed to concrete) not only doesn’t deteriorate, but over time turns into limestone! WOW!

The point is, not only should we never give up on this beautiful Earth and us beautiful earthlings, but if each of us truly turned into the direction of the universal current that is longing to flow through us, be molded by us, expressed through us — i.e., if each of us followed our specific passion without hesitation, then

“All shall be well,

and all shall be well

and all manner of thing shall be well.”

Julian of Norwich


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  1. Sylvia says:

    You know Julian (not her real name) of Norwich was a woman?! Have you looked her up Ann? We no longer live in Norwich but if you ever travel that way you can still see her ‘cave’… Built seclusion of a church

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