Saturn in Scorpio Squeezes Jupiter in Leo — again! (Probably final post for next three weeks.)

hqdefaultIt’s time to laugh!

“Ha ha ha.”

Don’t ask the tone those haha’s are delivered in . . .

Note: if you haven’t seen my other recent Saturn/Jupiter posts, check out this and this and this!

Last night I was cleaning out my car to prepare for epic three week trip, to include:

  1. August 6-9: serving as one of five leaders at Oakwood Retreat Center near Selma, Indiana, during a four day event called: BEING AT HOME ON EARTH: Re-Imagining Perspective, Restoring Participation.
  2. August 10-12: Visit with my cousin, Ben Kreilkamp, in Minneapolis.
  3. August 12-16: Boundary Waters Canoe Adventure, out of Ely, Minnesota
  4. August 16-20: camping and art
  5. August 20-24: Great Old Broads for Wilderness Save the Boundary Waters Broad Walk

Regarding the last event. You might want to check out the first time I walked with the Broads, here:

I will attempt to document this trip as well.

Meanwhile, last night, while cleaning out the car in preparation for the epic adventure, I discovered that the mat of the floor of the front seat was sopping wet. . . This happened once before, on the way back from Cincinnati after an ecovillage event. World Wide Auto will fit me and the car in at 10 A.M. today. . . And this, after the car underwent its Trip Check yesterday!

Saturn in WATERY Scorpio.

An old problem returns to haunt.

squares (90° angle)

Jupiter in fiery Leo:

Expand into new adventure (Jupiter)

for self-expression! (Leo)

Yes, I am attempting to stay centered through it all, and above all, to laugh.

But here’s to warn you: I really don’t know how much I’m going to be able to — or even to want to — blog during these upcoming three weeks. And I’m afraid that includes today, when I must wrestle all the recurring obstacles into the ground inside my own small personal slice of this glorious collective adventure we call BEING AT HOME ON EARTH.

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