Final Update Saturn in Scorpio vs. Jupiter in Leo . . .GRATIAS!

hqdefault“Final” in the sense that this particular story does seem to have ended, and so now I will add this one more post. See previous Saturn in Scorpio posts. But of course, it’s absolutely no big deal in the big scheme of things where the same forces are at work, scaled up. It helps when we realize that what we are dealing with on a personal level IS what’s happening everywhere, eh? So how conscious are we as we go through our own particular labyrinth, blindfolded?

Last night, when I discovered that my car had the weird water leak, at first of course, I panicked. Second, I tried to figure out Plan B and C. Hmmm. . . both were possible, though inconvenient and expensive. Then I had to decide: would I let the problem with the car, if it turned out to be major, requiring days to fix, stop me? Or, alternatively, would I instead do B or C, even though inconvenient and expensive?

At some point I determined that YES, I was going to take this trip, NO MATTER WHAT. Then, I was able to sleep.

This morning, I actually did have a bit of humor playing around my lips as I negotiated with World Wide Auto when to bring out the car. 10:00 A.M. Okay. And I could sit there for 30 to 40 minutes while they figured it out, squeezing my problem into their already very full day.

Once there, I was so antsy that I asked them if I could do my yoga, chi kung, tai chi practice in the waiting room. “Of course!” I had gotten about halfway through when the smiling guy who had taken my keys handed them back with “she’s ready to roll!” (They all knew I was heading for the Boundary Waters.

Their diagnosis was so hilariously Saturn in Scorpio that I must tell you here:

• It was a rerun of an old problem. Check!

• It was caused by debris. Check!

• The debris (leaf matter) had wormed its way down into the AC so that the AC couldn’t drain properly. Check!

Imagine all those places inside us, especially inside our subconscious and deep unconscious minds, that are literally, littered with stagnant emotional debris that has created physical effects in our bodies, resulting in dis-ease.

Imagine scouring those places out, letting all that emotional gunk go.

You can imagine how free, generous and expansive I felt (Jupiter in Leo) when I pranced outta there with my keys swinging — having also been told, by the way, that there would be no charge. GRATIAS!

BTW: I fully concur with Laura Bruno in her assessment of theruiner’s assessment of Earth’s pregnant capacity to overrule whatever they do to try to control her and her inhabitants. Or, in the current vernacular: her Jupiter in Leo trumps their Saturn in Scorpio.

Or, again, from another point of view, her Saturn in Scorpio has the patience and determination to overrule any of their egomaniacal Jupiter in Leo designs.

Do you see? Planetary energies can be utilized consciously or unconsciously. Choose!




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