Saturn in Scorpio turns, squaring Jupiter/Venus in Leo. And how was YOUR day?


Saturn is now fully occupying its stationary position, seemingly stuck, but actually inching slowly along. It actual turning time was this past weekend; over the next week it will be gaining steam to continue its still sluggish finale through watery Scorpio, on its way to fiery Sagittarius.

While still occupying the final degree of Scorpio, it also exactly squares Jupiter in Leo today and later this week Mercury — both also at the end of Leo.

So we have the karmic end of Scorpio and the karmic end of Leo featured, both fixed signs that refuse to give up their respective positions without great struggle. Leo, where we gain the ego; Scorpio, where we learn to let it go.

Yes, the ego is very much at issue here, and to me is being powerfully magnified with the gathering global outrage at the recent death of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by an egomaniacal sport hunter, the “dentist from Minnesota.” Jupiter has been moving towards lordly Regulus, and now sits there, directly in the gaze of Regulus, King of the Heavens, at 29° Leo. Leo’s symbol IS the lion; Scorpio symbolizes death — of that part of our culture that glorifies both the ego and killing.

So, why is the MSM picking up so vociferously on this particular story? Well, while there may be all sorts of paranoid conspiratorial theories around, one very obvious way of looking at this magnified event is to see it as an archetype, or more precisely, as the fall of an archetype. For though Regulus itself has recently transferred from self-serving Leo into service-oriented Virgo, the Leo traces remain.

Saturn in Scorpio scours the bottom of our souls to devour our selfish narcissistic ways. The mantra for this time is Scorpionic: Let it go let it go let it ALL go.

Meanwhile, my own ego must have gotten stirred up by this transit because today has been hellacious, one of those days that, as Rebecca put it to me when I told her the story, feels non-synchronous. Yes, that’s it. Exactly.

It started early this morning, when I thought I’d get a jump on the day and finally take all the old paint cans (some with paint covered by kitty litter to absorb the leftover paint), plus the horrible, mostly full Round Up container that somebody left in my shed over ten years ago — all out to the recycling center that takes such poisonous (Scorpionic) stuff. As I drove the five miles out there I was feeling proud of myself (Leo) for finally getting on this distasteful task.

However, the recycling center is closed on Monday, says a worker, smiling like a cheshire cat while visually checking out the paint cans in back.

Aargh! Okay, well then go back to the AT&T store for unfinished business from yesterday with the internet. Oh, but I forgot the documentation! Of course.

Go back home, get it, and drive to the mall, arrive at 9:45 a.m. Mall doesn’t open until 10 A.M.

Aargh again!

Get back home and realize that not even what I already did will do it. Back to AT&T and the mall one final time. . .

Now I’m beginning to realize how impatient I am. And that this is how my ego, especially, works. I make a plan, and I want to see it actualized, NOW. Usually that works fine, but not when I’m under a time bind, which I’ll explain in full later.

And guess what! My Plan itself had disappeared. The meticulous notes that I took two days ago to help me prepare over the next three days for an extended three-week journey starting Thursday which will require four different types of clothing, equipment, etc. plus all the little stuff I have to get done before that — see the dentist, dog vet appointment, take car in for oil change — and all the stuff I need to get — bug spray, hat net, other stuff for that part of the journey that will involve canoeing the boundary waters of Minnesota in summer — gone! Poof! I looked for my Plan (on lined yellow paper, can’t be that hard to spot), in all the places it might have disappeared. Over and over again I looked in the same places, trying the same wrong thing twice, three, four times.

Finally I gave up and started making the Plan again — only to be interrupted by a phone call at 1:10 p.m.. The dentist. “Oops! I thought my appointment was for 1:30.” “No. 1:00 o’clock.”

Luckily, he still agreed to see me. “If you can get here in ten minutes.” I did.

I have not done any yoga, tai chi or chi kung today. That may have something to do with just how ghastly this Saturn square Jupiter day has been for me. And I know that when I do stop this incessant running around trying and failing to get where I want to go in time, I will be able to center within and radiate love.

And of course I know that what I’m going through during this tense Saturn/Jupiter square is nothing. NOTHING!

For example, one person close to me, whose Sun is at 29° Scorpio, conjunct transit Saturn, is now, finally, it appears, dying of cancer; she has to decide just how she wants to do it. With what procedures, just how much more torture to endure? Her strong Leo heart and will has carried her this far, over four decades beating cancer back while watching her body succumb to the “side effect” ravages of countless radiation, chemo and surgery “treatments.”

So it’s always relative, whatever we’re “going through.” There is no hell that someone cannot endure. As usual, we all say, “Just let it not be me.” But then, why not me? Who am I to think I’m someone special? Who am I to think Leo will favor me when Scorpio lies in wait for us all.

Yes folks. No matter how high and mighty our Leo pride, Death, as Carlos Casteneda’s shaman Don Juan pointed out, “walks by our left shoulder.” And Death has a way of clarifying Life. Who are we? What are we here for? Let’s find out, and be that, do that. No more dilly-dallying, and no more impatience. It’s time.

Postscript: Exactly one minute after I posted this I remembered the quote I’ve been trying like hell to dredge up from memory. It’s this:

Whenever I grow impatient,

I feel the force of time

create obstacles in space,

and start a new chain of causation.

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3 Responses to Saturn in Scorpio turns, squaring Jupiter/Venus in Leo. And how was YOUR day?

  1. marlena says:

    I could just hear you go “Aarrgh!”, Ann. Sounds like you may need to ask for a friend’s help with all those tasks. Am sure in your circle someone will gladly run the paint & Roundup over to the Recycling center another day this week. And whenever i lose something that thoroughly anymore I’m positive it’s Loki playing tricks. I looked this up on the internet to discover there is actually a whole following of this mischefious (sp?!) interloper called Lokeans! Pay a little homage to the birds or wild critters around your home and your yellow paper should appear; hopefully before you recreate the List. Had a co-worker just come back from canoeing the Boundary Waters and had an awesome time. We have a cabin in Wis’s Northwoods so know how lovely & serene the area is…enjoy the Loons & the Eagles!

  2. Meghan says:

    I have Jupiter/Venus conjunct in Scorpio squared to Pluto/Saturn conjunct in Leo in my birth chart. Now with Saturn sitting right on top of my Jupiter/Venus conjunction & squaring Jupiter/Venus which is sitting right on top of my Pluto/Saturn conjunction – you ask me how my day is? I’ve been afraid to get out of bed for 2 months!

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