Lammas with Laura — by Laura!

If you recall, I said we’d be doing Lammas with Laura.

Here’s the post Laura sent out this morning. The part about Bloomington starts about halfway through.

Mini Vacation ~ The Fair, The Food, The Feast and Bloomington with Ann Kreilkamp

And here’s the two of us, grinning, next to one of son Colin’s Garden Towers in front of his shop.


Question: what’s the greenish purplish stuff in front? Laura thinks some kind of sweet potato? Colin says he doesn’t know, that his partner Joel brought it from Texas.

She’s right, the weekend was magical. At some point during the potluck someone asked what is the difference between our two blogs. I piped up: “Both multidimensional.” Laura agreed, and added, “But I include the faeries!”

“Yes!” I chimed in. “And she even finds them in photos I take.”

I’m waiting on close-up photos that may or may not come from Bradley — who has just moved in to the DeKist house and who just happens to be a professional photographer! Aha! he just turned up, and tells me he will get to them tonight. So a PHOTO ESSAY on the event tomorrow!




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