Joan Bird: On approaching the possible phenomenon of SSPs (Secret Space Programs)


A.K.: I’ve been paying attention to this Corey Goode/David Wilcock broohaha, without knowing what to think about it. Joan Bird, my original UFO/ET buddy (we went together to Leo Sprinkle’s conferences in Laramie, Wyoming back in the turn of this millennium), weighs in on the subject to her ET mail-list. Sound advice, this.

UFO List – There are a growing number of witnesses coming forward and speaking about their involvement in Secret Space Programs (SSP’s) and in 2014 there was a Conference in San Mateo, CA on the subject. At the JAML here in Helena, Dick O’Connor is going to show David Wilcock interviewing one of the major new SSP witnesses, Corey Goode in an interview on Gaiam TV this week. (Anyone can subscribe to Gaiam TV to watch this interview, and there are other interviews of Corey Goode and other witnesses available on You tube.) In fact, there is an explosion of information coming out now about SSPs.

I have heard these stories for many years. They have been in my “Hold” box, and I am looking forward to investigating the subject in our local community of co-explorers. Collective wisdom is always helpful in sorting out the truth. People I respect in the field have cautioned about the danger of disinformation on the subject, regardless of whatever truth might underlie it. Given the amount of money that goes into the publicly acknowledged NASA and European Space Programs, considerable effort would have to be employed to hide secret programs, and anyone involved with such a program would most likely be subject not only to the highest security clearances and monitoring, but also to intense “debriefing,” using the most sophisticated techniques of mind control available in the intelligence community. As more witnesses come forward, we have to ask how and why they are getting away with speaking about these programs.I first became aware of the possibility of SSPs in the 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference, when a witness testified about the existence of photographs of a base on the back of the moon. Karl Wolf was an USAF Airman 2nd Class, a Precision Electronics Photographic Repairman with a Top Secret Crypto Clearance stationed in Langley, VA. In 1965, he was loaned to the Lunar Orbiter Project at NASA. They were having trouble with a piece of equipment that was bottle-necking their ability for production of photos from the Orbiter. He was surprised to see people gathered at the facility from all over the world. When taken into the darkroom and shown the piece of malfunctioning equipment, he asked about the process of getting the signals from the Lunar Orbiter to the Lab. The Lab operator ended up telling and showing him, “with some distress,” about photos of a base on the back side of the moon. Her is a 2-minute clip from Wolf’s historic 2001 testimony:<>

I have also heard testimony from Niara Iseley, a military witness and military abductee, who had been taken to a U.S. base on the moon. Her story is documented in a Project Camelot interview, as well as a 2010 International UFO Congress presentation. I have become acquainted with Niara, and find her a courageous and highly credible witness. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot said this about Niara’s story:

Although her experiences are hard to believe, her down-to-earth way of relating the information if anything, underscores how very real they were and the depth of depravity and cruelty implied in her treatment brings to light some very sinister dealings going on that include a race or races of ETs and the military, that if true, couldn’t be more scandalous.

Here is a link to that 50 minute interview: <>

I know that many of you on this list have done a lot of your own investigation on this subject. Some believe that because of the broad public interest in space programs in general, these revelations could be an important piece in taking us to disclosure. All the more important to have antennae out for hidden agendas. There is no doubt the “mirage men” would be involved in some capacity, as hiding secrets and fooling the public is their raison d’etre.

And if Secret Space Programs are ever admitted, some of those mainstream scientists who truly believe they are pioneering efforts to initiate exploratory and landing programs on other planets are going to be mad as hell.

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