Me and My Shadow: Famous for ten seconds — and more!

Oops! One more post.

Check it out. Ran into this fellow on our early morning walk near the giant fountain on the IU campus. He wanted to take our picture, and asked if he could use our names and a bit of description.

A good idea, to document our picturesque town on a weekly basis. And this man obviously loves doing it.

What would happen if we all did what we love best?

Later today I was at the AT&T store to figure out something about my internet connection. Ended up talking with the manager whose real love is composing music. He turned me on to a Nina Simone song that has been remastered with new sounds behind it and handed me a set of earphones so I could hear her on his iphone. Really great. Both of us started dancing. When he talked about his love of music (“Words are so limited, but tone and color are not . . .”) his whole body filled with energy. Likewise, the man who takes the Sunday photos.

The universe is just waiting for each of us to open the floodgates, eh?

The Bloomington Feel: July 2, 2015

A Weekly Diary of Images from Bloomington Indiana

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  1. Jean says:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of Bloomington.

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