Perspectives Department: Adult and Child Molestation — and More

Via Julia:

One Extraordinary Magazine Cover Could Finally End Bill Cosby’s Public Relations Offensive



Okay, let’s now place children in these same seats (and thousands more), not to accuse Cosby himself of molesting them, but to draw attention to the 2000 children in the U.S. who are reported missing every single day. And to ask ourselves about pedophilia (and and ritual murder): in the Catholic church, in sports, in Hollywood, in politics — to name categories that come to mind immediately. There is, apparently, no end to the seamy sexual/necrophiliac underworld of our smiley-faced society.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.02.00 PMFurthermore, how do we compare adult to child molestation, in terms of power (over) the innocent?

Question: is not the focus on Cosby rather like the focus on Bernie Madoff during the 2008 financial ponzi scheme discovery? Like Madoff, Cosby takes the fall as scapegoat, for a pervasive, society-wide cancer. Yet both are relatively minor figures compared to the full, horrendous scale of the deception and corruption.

Scapegoating worked, with Madoff. All the other perps still run free.

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