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Three very different takes on Greece: First, one woman’s Big Dream from 2008; the second, how former Greek finmin Yanis Varoufakis views the events of the past week; and third, one stirring populist development in the midst of oligarchic bankster hell.

Big Dream

My friend Claudia woke up with this nighttime dream in 2008. She knew it was predictive, and has repeated it to me over and over again ever since. I kept “forgetting” the dream — until yesterday, when I asked her to email the dream to me. Here goes:

In 2008 weeks before the Lehman crash and the bail out of AIG I saw this in a dream.

I am seeing people grouped in clusters. I can only describe the scene as a fancy international cocktail party where people are being served by liveried waiters.

The perspective of my perception is looking down on the event which is taking place in what I would describe as a large reception hall.

Abruptly the scene changes. I am now looking at the ground. It is an off white or ecru color of Mediterranean sand. I look up and in front of me, his back to me, is a nude man.

He is as tall as the sky and his body is the color of the sand.

As I watch, suddenly, his knees buckle. I hear my voice or someone’s say ‘oh no!’

What impressed me was that once the knees buckled he just let himself fall. There was no writhing or struggle. His body unraveled in small whirling eddies and I saw it dissolve into the earth/sand leaving no trace of itself. Finally all that I see are what look like little prairie dogs sitting up on their haunches watching.

As I awakened I thought …I just saw a God fall. What is it, western civilization, democracy? I didn’t know what to think. I never imagined that Greece itself could be in jeopardy. But the image that made least sense of all to me was
of the little creatures watching.

personal post script:

About five months ago, in the early morning hours, I awakened to the realization that it was “the little creatures” with whom I was most identified. So it has taken seven years for my perspective about this dream to become whole.

Yanis Varoufakis:

“Merkel’s Control Over The Eurogroup Is Absolute, They Are Beyond The Law”

Meanwhile, rising from the ashes of Greek hell:

This article is from the guardian, January 23, 2015. It reminds me of this post, from yesterday, but much broader than a single man with a social mission.

Greece’s Solidarity Movement: “It’s a whole new model — and it’s working”

Citizen-run health clinics, food centres, kitchens and legal aid hubs have sprung up to fill the gaps left by austerity – and now look set to play a bigger role under a Syriza government

Oh yes, and this movement is arising elsewhere, too.

May Day: Workers of the world unite — and take over their factories

From Istanbul to Barcelona, the co-operative movement is flourishing as employees revive what the bosses buried

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