Former Oncology Nurse both blows whistle on (allopathic) cancer “treatments” and advocates alternatives, starting with NUTRITION

Did you know that hospitals buy oncology drugs wholesale from Big Pharma to sell retail to patients? Did you know that a portion of an oncologist’s salary comes from ordering these cancer drugs for patients? Did you know that doctors cannot even suggest any treatment other than chemo, radiation or surgery or risk being “reported to the board”?

Why are these practices not recognized as criminal?

Why do so many people still believe in, and put themselves at the mercy of, the Industrial Big Pharma/Medico system?

Meanwhile, listen to this former oncology nurse tell how she jumped off the cliff of mainstream medicine into the loving arms of especially nutrition and other therapies that not only do not kill, maim or mutilate, but that heal the immune system and nourish the body.

Oh yes, and did you know that a single dose of sugar shuts down the immune system for four to six hours?

I mean, duh! Why is all this not obvious? Just how deep does the brainwashing go? Why are so many, many people — even those who think of themselves as “spiritual” — still willing to torture and destroy their bodies rather than wake up to their responsibility to care for this precious vehicle that houses the soul? Why?

This Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job After 17 Years To Spread The Truth About Cancer

July 12, 2015

17 years into a steady career, Valerie Warwich quit her job. It’s a pretty significant step after spending that much time in a single career, but she did so in hoping that she could help save lives. Warwich was a nurse an oncology nurse, specializing in cancer, and she left her job to better understand nutrition and surviving cancer, as well as helping others better understand it.

As a young woman, she witnessed her father suffer from throat cancer and her mother from multiple sclerosis. At the age of 20, she was the primary caretaker for both of her parents. Back then, treating cancer was invasive and terrifying. They cut out most of her father’s throat to get at the cancer, and in the end didn’t survive anyway.

She was inspired by her father to help others, so she sought out a position in an oncology ward. Still, she found herself questioning how we treated cancer. Then, in 2008, her closest friend was diagnosed with cancer. She began researching all she could find about alternative therapies, diet, and treatments for cancer. This began a huge shift in her thinking about cancer.

She found that many cancer patients were depleted of necessary nutrients. They were literally starving to death! Their bodies couldn’t work and heal anymore. Combine that with the immune-destroying treatments that we conventionally used and she realized that cancer was likely curable with the right methods used at the proper time.


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3 Responses to Former Oncology Nurse both blows whistle on (allopathic) cancer “treatments” and advocates alternatives, starting with NUTRITION

  1. Although a great story, I find it incredible that medical workers need 17 years to figure it out. You can’t tell me she just now figured it out?

    • Well, that’s why I wonder just how deep does the brainwashing go. The woman is not stupid. And remember, her paycheck was involved. That will cement the screen in front of the eyes.

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