Neptune in Pisces Department: IS LOVE IN THE AIR? Three examples.

Neptune floats mysteriously through oceanic Pisces from mid-2011 through 2025, Fourteen years to effect a sea-change in humanity’s communion with the soul. However, this subtle, mystical influence of Neptune has been very much eclipsed by the wham-bang Uranus square Pluto configuration that we have endured starting in 2010 and just this spring finally begins to wind down. One might claim — I certainly would! — that the Greeks standing up en masse to say “NO” to the EU Troika, is one direct outcome of the increasing Uranian restlessness that is finally, visibly, rupturing the Plutonian oligarchic dominion that created so much suffering for so long.

And now, ommigoddess, could it be? Do I detect a new (ethical, compassionate, values-based) Neptunian feeling rippling through our world, not just here in Bloomington, where I surrendered to a (still tentative, but real) sea of love in our 4th of July parade? I offer three examples, from wildly different contexts: The Grateful Dead’s Final Concert, Columbia professor Jeffrey D Sachs on the Greek crisis, and especially, a new interview by analyst F. William Engdahl on his experience at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. Extraordinary! Be sure to watch this 31 minute video all the way through, especially his observations of Putin and his unfolding relations with both himself and the Russian people. It just gets better and better . . .

via commondreams, July 6, 2015

Ripple Effect: Fare Thee Well

Ending their long strange trip of 50 years, the surviving members of the Grateful Dead played their final “Fare Thee Well” concert at Chicago’s Soldier Field Sunday night, urging a massive fervent crowd to take the feeling of the night, “Remember it, take it home and do some good with it – please, be kind.” In honor of the 50th anniversary event, the great Playing For Change released a video of their own cadre of global artists covering “Ripple.” “The ripple effect,” said Playing co-founder Mark Johnson, “is that the next generation gets to learn to play music all over the world.” Net proceeds from the video will benefit the Playing For Change Foundation’€™s music schools and programs for children worldwide.

“Reach out your hand/if your cup be empty./ If your cup is full/may it be again.”


via, July 8, 2015

Statesmanship and the Greek Crisis


That idea of an ethical approach to the Greek crisis might sound absurd to readers of the financial press, and many politicians will undoubtedly consider it naive. Yet most European citizens could embrace it as a sensible solution. Europe rose from the rubble of World War II because of the vision of statesmen; now it has been brought to the verge of collapse by the everyday vanities, corruption, and cynicism of bankers and politicians. It is time for statesmanship to return – for the sake of current and future generations in Europe and the world.


via, July 7, 2015

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