Saturn in Scorpio scours the underworld to uncover global trafficking of children for pedophilia, ritual abuse, and murder.

Hell Mouth. Image:

Hell Mouth. Image:

Last night I listened to a two-hour interview by Alexandra Meadors with Tory Smith, a man who claims vast knowledge of a lot of things including pedophile and murder networks worldwide that implicate the top echelons of our so-called civilization. Not sure how much of his tale to “believe,” but the following report by Sonya Van Gelder demonstrates the kind of wide-ranging investigative reporting that I, for one, have been waiting for during this grinding three-month-long finale to Saturn’s sojourn through Scorpio. Her report covers not just the UK, but the global reach of child trafficking, including the U.S.

CAN YOU STOMACH THE TRUTH? Because we will need strong stomachs to be able to absorb, integrate and work to eliminate the sheer enormity of this highly organized, deeply criminal and ethical monstrosity where, in the U.S. alone, 1/3 more children “disappear” each year than people of all ages die of cancer.

Statistics from the International Centre for Missing Children (ICMEC) estimate that 8 million children are reported missing each year around the world. Of that number, according to the latest U.S. Department of Justice research, an estimated 800,000 children will go missing in the United States alone — a rate of over 2000 missing children each day — with 466,949 of those cases entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database in 2014. With a current child population (aged 0 – 17) of around 74 million in the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice figures equate to around 1 child in every 92 going missing in the United States each year.

Evidence of Organized Pedophilia and Child Trafficking Implicates Governments, Media, Churches and Charities

July 3, 2015



Our society is controlled by a Satanic ruling class. They are criminals, hiding behind the ‘respectable’ upper hierarchies of our society. It is difficult to believe such atrocities are occurring in the ‘civilized’ West in the 21st Century, but the evidence has become so overwhelming that we can no longer claim ignorance. We (myself included) have no choice but to put our fears aside and find the courage to seriously examine this cesspit of humanity, and to act on what we find. Ongoing investigations are uncovering unimaginable atrocities and, heart-broken, many of us would rather not pursue the truth any further. It can seem like too much to bear, so we would often rather dismiss it because we cannot endure nor comprehend it, much less believe we can do something about it. Too often, our spontaneous response is one of cognitive dissonance.

Ultimately, the truth cannot be ignored. Our conscience must not let us ignore the facts. This horror is all very real. It is very calculated, and it is happening globally. Innocent children are being raped and murdered on a daily basis, victims of organized abduction and satanic ritual. With so many identical cases worldwide, all avenues of research constantly and consistently lead to the same conclusion. This goes way beyond our common comprehension of child abuse and pedophilia: the culture of ritual abuse is so heavily embedded in our most influential institutions and ‘protective’ agencies, that information is routinely suppressed and censored, protecting their networks, themselves and each other — the perpetrators.


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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, even the briefest foray into the subject of ritual child abuse inevitably yields information that traces back as far as biblical accounts of the Old Testament wherein patriarchal societies sanctioned the offering of the ‘pure and unsullied’ as necessary appeasement to whatever gods were revered at the time. The practice was so ingrained in the collective psyche that otherwise loving parents felt honored to offer up their own.

    Over time, laws enacted to deter such have actually resulted in forcing the ritually abusive practices ‘underground’. Factor in that much of this activity is purportedly the prerogative of the
    very well-connected and one can begin to grasp the difficulty inherent in prosecution.

    The issue of child trafficking and ritual abuse is worldwide and in fact stands as abuse of the
    entire planet. Abuse does not just magically disappear and by most accounts, acknowledgment and ultimately, forgiveness, are primary factors in authentic and lasting healing of abuse.

    This issue could well be a phenomenal test of humanity at what many believe to be a tipping point in man’s evolution. Two questions come to mind: 1. Is mankind prepared to truly acknowledge the issue at this point in time? and…2. Is mankind presently able to perform the near impossible task of summoning even the tiniest bit of compassion for the abuser, the undertaking of which may be necessary ‘for-giving’ the world lasting healing in the matter?

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