Wake-up Time: Rappoport, “the news,” the Void, and the new USA Today poll

Image: viosazneias

Image: viosazneias

This new Rappoport post is a great segue from yesterday’s post about three possible portals at death, one of them . . . drumroll . . . THE VOID!

Media Matrix: An Ancient Tibetan Perspective on the evening network news

Truly, I know of no one better qualified to present the nitty gritty details of how collective mind-control “programming” works. In this post, Rappoport discusses the TV anchor’s use of “segues” (to smooth over disconnected bits and pieces into a “flow,”); in another post, he discourses on the “flicker,” (like a strobe light off/on, again and again, until numb and becalmed) — and all of course, designed to confuse (via cognitive dissonance: surreal contradictions existing side by side in space and/or time) in the grand game to lull us all into passivity and keep us there.

BUT, just in, from USA Today, a new poll showing that only 24% of American people think that the MSM media report the news without bias, and that’s down 17% from last year, which is the lowest since this question started to be asked, in 2004.


Now if all those ear-bud-wearing folks whom puppy Shadow and I pass by on our walks would just take out those brain-waving contraptions and allow in The Void!

Then maybe we could greet each other, and smile, and mean it.





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