Whatever happened to yesterday’s glad tidings of Venus/Jupiter/Uranus?

Tonight’s Full Moon with Mars and Pluto, that’s what!

I don’t know about you, but I sure didn’t see or notice any “sudden glad tidings” from yesterday’s exceedingly rare exact Venus/Jupiter conjunction trine Uranus. (That three planet combination, by the way, continues today and for the next few days as it gradually moves out of orb.) At least not in the global arena, whether alternative or MSM. What does seem to be nearly self-evident however, at this point, is how Saturn, having slid back into the final degrees of Scorpio until mid-September, is throwing it’s harsh steady light on the entitlement fantasies of the uberwealthy (Venus/Jupiter in Leo). These folks who rule the world (Leo) actually think they deserve it! — and the world’s impoverished be damned. As, for example, the way EU officials insist that Greece bows down before them. Luckily, Tsipris and Varoufakas are having none of it, and instead insist on the Greeks’ right to self-respect and dignity. It’s as if these two men symbolize that Uranian wild card, startling Merkel and the EU by inviting them to move into their higher selves, to truly embody what could be the loving generosity and high-mindednes of the Venus/Jupiter combination!

So I would say that it appears that this evening’s full Moon, at 9+° Capricorn, loosely conjunct Pluto, foreshadowed and obscured the finer qualities that yesterday’s Venus/Jupiter combo was and is meant to embody and convey. Especially given that Mars is still near the Sun. Four planets, two on each side of the zodiac facing off. Huge, hot power struggles. Intense, undercover power plays. The Greek officials’ desire to protect their citizens, and their appeal to compassion and feeling (Sun and Mars in Cancer) vs. the usual rigid plutocratic insistence on holding the “Other” accountable to the the doomed centralized structure (Pluto/Moon in Capricorn) that has already condemned Greece and other countries to “austerity” (ruin).

And yet, and yet! That 9° Full Moon was also sextile and trine, exactly, Neptune at 9° Pisces. The world’s peoples’ are waking up to how the stubborn sociopathic arrogance of the .01% is hurting the 99.99%. Our concern and compassion flows, not to Merkel and the EU, but to the Greek pensioners, standing in line.

Image: telegraph.co.uk

Image: telegraph.co.uk

I did look up in the western twilight sky last evening to see the bright Venus/Jupiter conjunction, so close they appeared as a single star. That beauty lasted for about a half a minute, before the rim of a cloud caught and obscured it. Likewise here. The beautiful Venus/Jupiter shining utterly obscured by Plutonian greed.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.04.19 PM

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