Sudden, Extraordinary, Glad Tidings? Today’s rare, extremely close Venus/Jupiter conjunction trines Uranus

And more! Here’s the chart that I brought up just now, at 10:51 AM, June 30, 2015, for Washington, D.C.. The chart features communicative Mercury in its ruler Gemini closely opposing philosophical Moon in Sagittarius. Some kind of larger perspective (Sagittarius) gets communicated (Gemini)?

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.53.17 AM
Beyond that, the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, union of the two most beneficient planets in the royal, leadership sign of Leo—

— are together in near-exact harmonious trine with maverick Uranus in Aries, sign of new beginnings, itself conjunct newly discovered, far-away Eris (“goddess of discord,” or I’d like to say, “she who works the edges”).

So. What might this day, especially already this morning in Europe perhaps, and for the next six hours or so, as the Moon closes in on its exact trines to both Venus/Jupiter and Uranus, portend?

All these planets — Venus/Jupiter, Uranus, Moon, Mercury, Eris — create a fiery grand trine kite formation, intensely and actively supporting whatever new idea, program, attitude, leadership — does get communicated, and — wouldn’t you know! — divinely scheduled for the day when Greece is set to begin its domino torpedoing of the EU, thus slowly or quickly unraveling the entire economic matrix that has held 99.99% of this world’s peoples in hostage to the .01% for at least hundreds of years.

Oh wow, here’s one such possible new leader, a young man who just set up an indiegogo crowd fund for Greece.

This Londoner is raising thousands for a Greek bailout on a crowdfunding site

So far, 29-year-old Thom Feeney “has raised over €20,000 (£14,173, $22,281) from 1,419 people. But the amount of cash is rising pretty rapidly and is likely to be a lot higher by the time you read this story.”

In this country, this morning Carl Herman threw down a blistering gauntlet to U.S. citizens. Do we dare?

July 4: Land of the free, home of the brave? Ok; are you free and brave enough to demand arrests of US .01% War Criminals?


BTW: today’s chart above also shows the Sun in Cancer beginning to cross the degree of exact trine to Neptune in Pisces. We made it through this month’s highly volatile Sun Mars conjunction without blowing the world up. Can we now dream (Neptune) of larger openings (Neptune), a new emotional atmosphere (Cancer) wherein all the world’s peoples (Cancer) are held in the boundless Love (Neptune in Pisces) that bathes and fuels the universe?

Remember Rumi:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Love is fearless in the midst of a sea of fear.

Hail to thee, O Love, sweet madness! Thou who heal all our infirmities.

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  1. Kieron says:

    Of course Thom Feeney is 29 years old. Of course. 🙂 And Feeney comes from the surname Ó Fiannaidhe, which itself comes from the Irish (mistakenly called Gaelic) word fian, “soldier.” Plural, it is fianna The Ó Fiannaidhe are widespread, representing, perhaps, the 99%.

    I just *love* these Universal winks.

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