Is the Entire Solar System Changing? And if so, how will this, and other “phenomena” be used?

A few years ago, in his presentation to the International UFO Congress, David Wilcock made what to me then was an astounding statement. Not just Earth, he said, but the entire solar system is warming. What?!

If true, his remark makes nonsense of the idea that what we now call “Climate Change” is human-caused. Or, as Laura Bruno would parse it, ONLY human caused.

I have been sensing and noting this phenomenon for years. It’s why although I completely recognize manmade Earth poisoning, I feel that global warming and climate chaos are much more complex than certain NGO’s, religions and governments would have us believe. This article and the accompanying videos document trends occurring throughout our solar system and that this new higher level of energy will affect everything in the solar system on all levels — mental, emotional, spiritual and material. The first video repeats some of the text, but shows footage and contains additional information.

On a personal note, I have seen the object shown in the second video, and on numerous occasions, I’ve seen what looks like a second Sun (or at least a radiant body behind the Sun). I’ve also received privately emailed videos taken by various blog readers, clients and friends from around the world — people I know and trust, not just random YouTube personalities — and let’s just say, the sky doesn’t appear the way it used to appear! A couple weeks ago, I watched the most amazing display of call and response lights in the atmosphere. The closest thing I could compare it to would be heat lightning, but it was like no heat lightning I’ve witnessed before. I described it to David as “Clash of the Titans,” and indeed, whatever took place that night was witnessed by some others in Indiana as the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen.

I make no conclusions — just offering some information that you can ignore or sort/discern for yourselves.

Which reminds me. Even before getting to the article and videos below that Laura reposted with her commentary above, you might want to check out THIS video, and story — Indiana cyclist, just this month! Hmmm. Is it related to what Laura saw? Same day?

What we very much need to be aware of, is how “sky phenomena” of any kind, whether UFO or HAARP or whatever! — AND “climate change” AND transnational “trade agreements” — all these drivers can and will be used in attempts to lock in the infamous NWO: centralized, fascist, global corporatocracy. And the Pope, whose ethical calling for universal awareness of our “common home” is to be commended, needs to be aware of this, as well.

Something Is Affecting the Entire Solar System — Sun’s Magnetic Field 230% Stronger


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