Further reflections on Eisenstein’s essay

Hubble views interior of the Tarantula Nebula

Hubble views interior of the Tarantula Nebula

See this.

It’s as if we’re all swimming in a multidimensional cosmic sea, going up and down and in and out of form and intention, each intention a bubble that we breathe out into the fluidic embrace that holds us all, given both form and energy by our specific intention, its precision, strength, and constancy. Each bubble like a field of energy that we choose to live in, at least for awhile, inviting in others who happen to be breathing in and out in a similar manner, their bubbles of intent tangent to ours and together popping into larger bubbles within which we share energies, further intentions.

The larger the bubble, the more magnetic, the more it attracts and draws in others.

Even so, at any moment, we can instantly exit that bubble by simply withdrawing our attention, settling back into that eternal NOW of the quantum field that holds infinite possibilities and awaits our next focus, intention, direction.

What interests me especially, is how the unconscious mind figures into all this. While it’s wonderful and empowering to make the assumption that we “create our own realities,” it’s also true that, for each of us, probably 95% of our psyche lives underwater, unknown to our conscious minds, tossing us this way and that, without our decision or intent. Tyrants and advertisers and politicians count on this. They entrain the unconscious mind, the one that lies below the conscious mind’s free will, choice, intent, that part of us that can be magnetized by all sorts of things of which we are not aware.

Indeed, what brought me to astrology was its precision as a language of the unconscious, via the utility and transit timing of the “outer planets,” those energies of which their cycles are longer than our lifetimes and therefore which we cannot fully encounter or embrace and therefore, certainly not fully understand or control! Especially Pluto (248 year cycle), Neptune (165 year cycle) and, usually, Uranus (84 year cycle) figure here. But so does Saturn, with its cycle of 29-30 years, if you are not yet that old. And the small figure of Chiron, with its 51 year cycle, for those even in their 40s.

The assumption I make here is that we can only grok the full meaning of any cycle once it closes for the first time. That the planet’s “meaning” IS its cycle! The significance of each planet is its “space-time field,” each one unique, nested inside one another. We, each one of us, stands in the exact center of these nested fields, themselves inside the infinitely vast universe which, because it has no boundaries, its center is everywhere!

“Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”– Blaise Pascal

Standing in your center, the center, what are you, this immortal spirit of yours that is specifically alive NOW, on planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy, breathing through this body, with this beautiful mind — to be, to do?

Be that.

Breathe into that.

Do that.


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