Charles Eisenstein: “Not factual, but mythological truth: There does seem to be a conspiracy running inside my psyche . . .


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  1. Joanna says:

    How very true. Reading all I have read and seen, there are and have always been terrible things happening on this planet. But I do ask myself am I helping any by concentrating on it? Or do I not just perpetuate that particular reality. Perhaps the thing I can do is help, assist, serve, when something comes into my particular reality. It is something that concerns me. On Facebook many terrible ‘truths’ come onto my page, but I am loath to pass it on at times. The way we have been duped, and used to turn the wheel makes me angry. But our greed, egos, lack of responsibility for what has and is happening has allowed all this to unfold. We are all responsible. Joanna

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