Weighty Matters Department: the Pope, Putin, Global Capitalism, Extinction?, etc.

Image: en.cyplive.com

Image: en.cyplive.com

As folks started to trickle in for yesterday’s Solstice event, some of us were sitting around my kitchen table when Sydney mentioned the Pope’s new encyclical, how wonderful it is. Others chimed in, except for me, who muttered that I am concerned that the encyclical might be a part of the rollout of the globalist NWO, its centralized plans for how to fix the world.

One blogger whom I tend to trust, Joseph P. Farrell — he has a PhD in “Patristics” — articulated my uneasy feeling perfectly, prefaced with a discourse on “papal infallibility” and how it has been used to squash rebellion, er, “heresy:”

And we know what the papacy’s response to heresy has been from its gruesome, murderous, genocidal, barbaric, brutal and inescapable historical track record have been: imprisonment, torture, murder, and an “index of forbidden books”, and hence ideas and notions, running contrary to the infallible whims and caprices of whatever occupant the See of Rome decides to champion at the moment.

And if you think it could not happen again under the auspices of this institution with its trendy “people-friendly” guitar masses and Saturday afternoon “quickies”, think again, for that alignment of the papacy with the Mathusian agenda is what the international oligarchical mafia has perhaps been seeking: a religious “sanction” for all manner of tyrannous methods, regulations, and an infallible quashing of anyone who dares raise a voice in protest over the data and their interpretation of it. No Martin Luthers, Jean Calvins, Thomas Cranmers, or (much worse for such papal people) Photiuses of Constantinople or Gregory Palamases, or Marks of Ephesuses, thank you very much. There can be no “socio-political Protestantism” or “socio-political Eastern Orthodoxy” on these matters, because all that, says Francis, is “blind faith.” Thus the papal call for a global government to “deal with” the “over-population problem” could be the modern equivalent of the medieval practice of handing over convicted “heretics” to the secular authority for execution, a wonderfully casuistical sophistry designed to avoid having to commit murder itself. The claims have not changed, only the methods have, and the “older methods”, so long as the claims remain, could come roaring back, and with a vengance. And this encyclical – whether intended to or not – could be laying the groundwork for it.

(A.K.: my bold)

In other words, this very pious and righteous-sounding encyclical could be allied with centralized unification, “the one true apostolic” Roman Catholic religion that covers the globe and counts over one billion members used to buttress and justify transcorporate fascism.

But, as Farrell notes, this encyclical, its corporatist message “intended or not,” may NOT be intended. Even so, if not, then the pope still may be playing right into the hands of the global corporate state. The Pope just met with Putin (again). Who is Putin? A large part of me wants to think of Putin as the only real statesman on the entire globe, A smaller part of me wonders if Putin’s the good cop in a good cop/bad cop drama (as in the relentless cynicism of Ken in the blog redefininggod).

The part of me that wants to “believe” in Putin and the Pope reads (and hangs on to) commentaries such as Lada Ray’s last missive, where she says to give the Pope a chance. (She’s Russian, and appears very very savvy, and claims that Putin, at least, is the real deal.)

Now remember, all these matters are very, even intensely serious. We do appear to be in the end game of global predatory capitalism, which requires endless growth, which in turn requires endless resources from a finite planet! Oops! (So what? Say the lords of industry. Gonna get mine while I can, and then either hide away underground or on an island or in an enclive in Argentina — or lift off the planet before it’s too late.) Yessiree folks, global capitalism, and its corporate overlords — and us, with our endless plastic and consumer desires — do appear to be driving this beautiful Earth to an inglorious end, at least of our cutthroat, bloodthirsty, distracted, zombiefied civilization, and possibly much worse.

Which brings me to an interesting fb thread, one that, at least for me, functions to fuzz all the edges (usually a good thing): Paul Chefurka’s latest “position” on whether or not we can avoid extinction, plus comments.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.17.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.18.36 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.18.53 AM

I’m pondering all this, as usual.



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  1. CindyW. says:

    On this one, Ann, I’m a skeptic, not for all the reasons listed, but because the Pope is a Jesuit. The sad thing is that there were (as in many groups) teachings in Catholic history that supported SMALL economics (i.e. Thomas Aquinas and G.K. Chesterton) and labor unions (Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical) and the family as the basic unit of society, not some huge corporation or government – but some have said that Vatican II threw out that baby with the bathwater of Latin Masses and no guitars or “quickies”. Very few American Catholics know anything about the history of the Catholic Church’s (not Jesuits!) teachings against usury or any of its economics doctrine, which did not follow Milton Friedman’s/Arthur Laffer’s/David Pareto’s line, which are so central in the U.S. (and as I’m not Catholic, I’m not defending my camp – just representing the open mind)

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