GANG Garden news: kids with strawberries, oyster mushrooms, and new sickle

Peruvian Mariela walked her two children over the other day to work with us in planning our annual Summer Solstice Garden Celebration and Breakfast Potluck. Here’s last year’s:

YES! Summer Solstice Ceremony in the GANG Garden

This year we want to feature what few small children live in the neighborhood, and know of at least two families who are coming, one of them Mariela’s. However, the weather has not been kind. We are getting all the rain that California doesn’t get. Which means that today, several of us were outside in the rain redoing our water catchment systems to catch up with what’s coming down. More on that later, with photos. Meanwhile, on the day of our meeting, Katarina took the kids, Joakim and Asiri, out to one of the Garden Towers, for the few berries on it that Rebecca had not picked that morning.



By the way, Laura Bruno has a new post up on her friend Tania’s success with her new gen 2 Garden Tower.

These glorious oyster mushrooms are appearing in one of our original hugelkultur beds, the ones made with giant logs at their center. I fried these in butter. Yum!


The garden is so profuse that we’ve had to start cutting way back, just to be able to walk down the paths. Aha! just as I was writing that sentence down a package arrived. Synchronicity! The garden tools Rebecca had ordered from They included a substantial cuttle fish hoe that feels really good in the hand, garden snips, and a sickle (we can’t find the old one), that makes it easy to just walk down the path and go swish, swish — both sides.


One more note: Asiri has now contracted with me to walk Shadow on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 5 p.m. I told her I would give her a $1 bill each time. She says thank you each time — because she would walk Shadow without money, she loves it so much! But Shadow likes it too, and let’s just spread the moolah around, shall we? Nothing like win win win to keep the juices flowing.



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