Charleston S.C. shooting, the usual psyop earmarks, and: what’s the distraction for?

Yawn . . . Another mass shooting, another young, lone, white male, probably another mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate, goes off like a bomb in a Charleston, N.C. church, this false flag event shoved in between Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush political circuses (he then cancelled). Why? What is the distraction for? Besides, of course, inciting a race war in America in designed lead-up to lock-down, martial law, NWO, yada yada.

9 people killed in South Carolina church shooting. Police investigating “hate crime”

If you think I’m insensitive to suffering, you would be wrong. I’m just equally sensitive to the exquisite timing of “sudden shocking” events meant to instantaneously swivel our sheeple heads in some other direction while the ongoing rollout to total global control gets locked in as planned. Or not! It depends on how fast we are waking up. You might want to google “church shooting psyop” or “church shooting false flag” and check out how many references. This morning? “330,000.” I imagine that number is made up out of nothing. In any case, it probably is a big number, and not all of them are “crazy conspiracy theorists rants.” Nor is this one.

Besides wanting to incite an orgy of hate, recrimination, and fear, what other world events are “they” trying to distract us from? All suggestions considered.

Here’s one suggestion: those drat “trade” bills, which, according to Congressman Alan Grayson last night in an email to supporters, is (are?) just about to get switched on to vote again, TODAY. But geez, it’s all so confusing, right? You would be right.

And confusion is another earmark of psyops of all kinds. Just rest your weary head. Park your fat ass in your baralounger, grab your beer, T.V. remote, and chemical snacks. We’ll take care of you.

TPP, TPA, and TAA: Explaining the Unexplainable

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6 Responses to Charleston S.C. shooting, the usual psyop earmarks, and: what’s the distraction for?

  1. Amanda says:

    Great Read…I will Be interested to See How this Unfolds

  2. creston says:

    No one is reporting the passage of TPP behind the backs of a nation distracted by the shooting. What’s going on here?

  3. jen says:

    Tptb/nwo are probably planning the next “shooting”as I type this.I suppose this is just business as usual in AmeriKa I meant America.This “shooting” has so many ridiculous aspects which make it an obvious falseflag event. I’m glad less and less people are falling for this staged crap.I’m sure there is a special place reserved in hell for these evil bastards and their agendas! May God bless us all.

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