California Dreamin’, take seven: NOW, one town out of water; coming up — plunging property values, migrations, and more —

California water cuts leave city days away from running out of water

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This small city, Mountain House, 9000 pop. in the Bay Area, bills itself as a new “planned” community of “spacious homes.” So much for planning, eh?

Mike Adams draws out the implications:

California property values collapse as water shut-offs begin… wealthy community to go dry in days… real estate implosion now inevitable

But then, some rich Californians refuse to grok what is happening. Still feeling entitled, they focus on “the appearances.” Time to move down into essence, eh?

Rich California Residents Angry over Brown Grass

It appears that others are figuring out ways to make money with stolen water.

Water Rush: Californians stealing water amidst drought

Water is life. Without it, we die. Sooner rather than later. Expect much more extreme behavior as dry days, months (?), years (?) grind on.



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