The tree that survived 9/11

Early this morning I listened to the latest podcast by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians, on the recommendation of Lance White (aka Zany Mystic). Glad I did! These particular channelings are always interesting, articulate — and laced with pointed humor! For me, the most stunning point in the nearly two-hour broadcast was the interpretation of 9/11.

Background: according to this channelling, the 20th century, starting very early on, featured the utilization of sacrificial ritual to bring in demonic energies. Thus World War I, II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and so on. 9/11, in turn, was the most massive ritual sacrifice of all, meant to encourage an even greater preponderance of demonic energies. (Though no names or actual groups were mentioned, I assume it goes without saying that, in the Pleiadian view, 9/11 was, indeed, an “inside job.”) And if this is indeed the case, then the survival of one lone tree, rising from the toxic ashes of that horrendous sacrifice, is an enormous testament to both the resilience of Mother Earth, and the capacity of human beings to actually commit to and serve her, to truly “tend the garden,” as my brother-in-law John mentioned this morning. Allelujah!

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