TPA is back (buried inside “TAA”). Today! Call your congressman NOW.

Update, next morning, 6/17/15: Oops! The zombie bill is back again, according to huffpost, this time as just the TPA, stripped of its cover, TAA. But, it turns out, even if it passes, that will somehow screw things up in the Senate. So perhaps there’s still hope that we can defeat these stunningly despotic “trade” bills, and by doing so, reach the tipping point needed for us to fully grok that WE ARE THE 99%, and that what we say, goes.

Update, afternoon: The TAA vote has been extended to July 30.

I just heard about a Congressional stealth move to pass “TAA,” today, Tuesday, June 16, within which another version of TPA is buried. (We thought we won last Friday. But of course they keep going. We must keep going, too. We must become utterly relentless.) Please join me in telling your congressman to vote NO today or any day on this or any other bill that would certify presidential fast-track authority over Congress, especially for any international trade treaty which consolidates power at the transcorporate top, vitiating national, regional and local laws that might curb “future expected profits.”

Check out this article about Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who dared to talk about what was in the secretive TPA, despite warnings not to.



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