Alt-Media Keeps Rising to the Occasion: TruthStream Media, We are Change

Wars, false flags, Hollywood, the Rockefellers — decades of programmed build-up to the expected Grand Finale: megacorporate, oligarchic, total control, fascist New World Government, via Carol Rosin’s famous Last Card: “Alien Invasion Threat.”

If you haven’t paid attention to the predicted so-called “alien” scenario yet, check out Aaron and Melissa Dyke’s cheeky 34-minute X-File “parody.”

The more of us who are aware of this Last Card, the sooner we can dispel any chance of it being enacted in the manner intended. And if it is performed, we can laugh it off as, yawn, just one more typical fear-porn psy-ops from the so-called PTB. Meanwhile, let’s get back our gardens, shall we? And to our community-building, here at home. Ignore the fuckers’ attempts to strip the last vestiges of our humanity from us. They can’t win. We are too many, too alive, indeed squirming with primal energy that grows more and more focused and determined. No wonder some Bilderberger types are scared:

Cartier Boss Says Thought of the Poor Rising Up Keeps Him ‘Awake at Night’

What this bejeweled fellow behind his gated properties and private security details doesn’t realize is that we don’t need violence to accomplish our objectives. Humor, imagination, education, and clear, focused, organized skill and determination will do the trick. Especially since we’re networked globally, watching each other do the same, cheering each other on. What a time to be alive, eh?

Remember Luke Ludowski’s sneaking into the Bilderberg Hotel? Well, afterwards, he and his cohorts were present at the airport afterwards, heckling Bilderberg attendees one last time, and not incidentally, encouraging other journalists present to do the same.

Luke is right. We need more, many more people willing to step up in a very in-your-face, relentless manner to these idiots who think they are not just superior to the rest of us, but determined to put down the “useless eaters” who have not succumbed — to the daily diet of chemtrails, GMO, packaged, irradiated, chemicalized, preserved, and otherwise poisoned food, flouridated water, and of course, the western medical hegemon in bed with Big Pharma to deliver poisons via pill and needles — into FEMA camps, “shelter in place,” and The Truman Show.

Luke’s humor is hilarious. Get this, for example: Aping he-man action flicks, he carries his camera as if it were a loaded machine gun.


Oh and did you see what just happened in Spain? Yep. The people took power.

Citizens Take Power in Spain’s Largest Cities



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