Current astrology and the TPA fail, Round 1: Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn — plus ducks, and pedophilia.

Note: Quite a mishmash of subjects, eh? Very much a Neptune phenomenon, mixing up everything with everything else . . .

Mercury turned to go direct yesterday, after three weeks retrograde, the same day Democrats in the House voted TPA down, despite Obama’s last minute arm-twisting.It appears that our accelerating grassroots efforts — to communicate (Mercury) to our lawmakers what is at stake and how we will hold them accountable — actually worked! But we can’t let up now. That was only Round One. Round Two is next Tuesday.

Round 1 Goes to We the People

Next Tuesday also happens to be the day when Saturn heads back into Scorpio for one final four month purge of all the emotional, financial, and other underworld gunk that has been delaying the coming transformation of civilization. Whether that transformation is in the direction of top down central control via the current pincer movement to corporatize the globe, or in the direction of bottom-up grass roots localization of all that has been given away to the global corporate behemoth, remains to be seen. I sense huge impetus in both directions. It’s as if we are simultaneously living in two parallel worlds.

Not only did Mercury turn to go direct on Friday, but Neptune turned to go retrograde. Neptune’s “stationary period” lasts about a week altogether, so no wonder things seem to be other than they are even more so than usual, illusion after illusion dissolving into further illusions. Confusion reigns, as alphabet treaties proliferate, TTP, TTIP, TPA, TiSA, all of them striving to remain secret, lest the people dispell their Neptunian trance of distraction and denial long enough to discover that they’re about to lose any remaining semblance of “freedom.”

Ellen Brown (with David Graeber) explains why the least discussed of these treaties, the TiSA, is also utterly disgusting and egregious. This one has to do with permanently enshrining the current fraudulent private central banking system that creates money at will, via “loans,” as debt.

Graeber, BTW, wrote the extraordinary book Debt: The First Five Thousand Years, and he dreamed up the motto “We are the 99%” for Occupy in 2011.

Fast Track Hands the Money Monopoly to Private Banks — Permanently

It does appear that We the People are waking up faster and faster now. Just in time? Or is it too little, too late.

On the other hand, as long as the sun rises and the stars come out at night; as long as water flows downhill and birds sing and plants grow and trees leaf out and flowers bloom; as long as mother ducks, like the one puppy Shadow and I saw this early morning on our walk, protect their young so they can grow and flourish, Mother Nature remains in charge.

The Duck Story

Puppy Shadow and I were walking along, and just as we came to within about ten feet of a street sign, all of a sudden a duck hobbled furiously out of the tiny brushy area that surrounds the sign into the middle of the intersection, squacking loudly, panicked, one of her wings out, dragging, as if broken. After about ten seconds of this display, which made me wonder if I should somehow try to help her, a at least a dozen tiny ducklings suddenly ran out of that same brushy area to the other side of the street — at which point Mama Duck stopped behaving like a wounded bird and ran after them, shooing them to cover on the other side.

Which made me wonder, when did so many humans stop protecting their young?

Image: The ducklings were this size, with Mama not in front, but behind,  hurrying them along.

Image: The ducklings were this size, with Mama not in front, but behind, hurrying them along.

What got me thinking this way was the fact that earlier this morning I had lain in bed listening to a Ritchie Allen interview with Alfred Weber about the exposure of rampant pedophilia as a global trafficking ring for not just child rape, but satanic abuse and sacrifice that reaches the highest strata of society. Where are the parents of these millions of children?

I then started to listen to an interview that Weber did with two parents who are trying to protect their young, and agreed to publically speak about their experience. But after ten or so minutes of this, puppy Shadow jumped me, wanting to go out.

So we did. I got dressed, put my shoes on, clipped his leash to his collar, and we started to walk down this very street. Which is when the duck ran out and surprised us both.

And that’s another “lesson” I take from Mother Nature: she always surprises. No matter how much I think I finally understand, I don’t. All I can do is stay alert, pay attention, and be at ease with whatever is arising.





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