“Blest” by synchronicity . . .

When people ask me, “what is my path?” I say to them, “follow the trail of synchronicities.” For if something or someone comes to your attention in a strong manner more than once in a short amount of time, via diverse sources, well, then, yes, it is yours to work with in some way. This can be as simple as a word in a dream that you don’t use much in waking life, but that gets echoed (in a book, in conversation) shortly thereafter in waking life — I’d call that a synchronous event, and point to that particular word as having meaning for you personally.

I’ve been following the trail of synchronicity for decades, and found it to be a surefire way of feeling surrounded by and surrendered to — even embraced within — the sweet loving arms of an utterly precious and mysterious universe that nevertheless, speaks to me, continuously — and, I’ve learned over the years, with great wisdom; though that may not be immediately apparent!

In a larger sense, we might say that synchronicities feature nodes in the interwoven web created by those possibilities in the infinite quantum field that you, in particular, focus on, and therefore, in the very act of paying attention, pop into manifestation.

Another example: Two days ago, podmate Rebecca mentioned a youtube video that she happened to come upon, about a Japanese inventor who had figured out how to turn plastic back into oil. Wow! I asked her the name of the video or the inventor. She didn’t know. So I googled around, and discovered the “Blest” Corporation. I emailed them to get prices on table-top sized models, and have yet to hear back. But then, wouldn’tchaknow! The very next day, yesterday, I saw an article on shiftfrequency that talked about the Blest invention, and discovered that the home model was still a bit too pricey, $6000. Hopefully, that will come down. Here’s the article.

Don’t Trash That Plastic Bottle, Convert It Into Fuel Instead


I still don’t know if that synchronicity came to me just because I was meant to repost the article here, or if, hmmmm. . . . am I to work with neighbors to purchase it for use by our Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage?




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