Bernie Sanders: “Dual citizenship” fracas, backgrounder, and astro chart

According to VT, Bernie spent two months on a commune in Israel in the ’60s, something any self-respecting ’60s radical might have done or longed to do! And he’s visited Israel otherwise. But this is what he told Diane Rehm on NPR:

NPR Host Irks Bernie Sanders: ‘You Have Dual Citizenship With Israel’

Here’s a terrific Mother Jones backgrounder on Bernie. I can totally relate to his driven, devil-may-care, radical bent that put him on the edge of our deeply consumerist, materialist society in a cobbled-together life that defied the odds and stayed true to his own life path. He’s been doing that a long time, it turns out. Not unlike the few others of us who came out of that storied time and managed to hold on to our ideals of world r/evolution no matter what. Most of us are either already dead or deadened now by some kind of excess (overdose, overwork, over-the-top attitudes). But a few of us do remain. And we haven’t shifted one iota from our original trajectory — all the while learning how “the real world” works as we go about shifting it. Count Bernie among them. Now if he would place dismantling the Military Industrial Complex front and center in his presidential campaign, we would have a clear, ethical winner that even old radicals like me could and could and would root for.

How Bernie Sanders Learned to Be A Real Politician


Ommigod! In checking Bernie’s astrological chart I immediately focused on its very powerful near-exact opposition between charming Venus and pugnacious Mars in their home signs of Libra and Aries — and had a eureka moment. Where had I seen that particular Venus/Mars combo before? Well, it turns out that Bernie was born only three days prior to the birthdate of my long deceased first husband and father of my two sons, including the inventor Colin Cudmore, of the Garden Tower Project.

Patrick J. Cudmore, like Bernie, was an inspired and intrepid idealist who pushed the envelope until the day he died. His 60th birthday fell on 9/11. That event staggered the collective heart, and I’d say, that event actually broke open Patrick’s heart, which had closed decades earlier, due to his life-long insistence on following his own lights to the detriment of all others around him. Two weeks later, he died, alone, of a heart attack.

Bernie seems to have figured out a way to both follow his pugnacious lights in pushing an agenda that startles the mainstream and strikes fear in the heart of global corporatism and it’s privileged .001%, while actually garnering support for what he’s doing. That’s something Patrick never could manage.

As Bernie now garners 41% to Hillary’s 49% in the latest straw poll, here’s that noon version of Bernie’s chart. We have no birthtime, so it will have to do. That means pay no attention to the houses of the chart, or the signs of the angles (Midheaven, Ascendant and their opposites). Just look at the planets, their signs, and geometrical arrangements with each other.

bernie sanders chart


If I had to guess, I’d say Bernie was actually born somewhere shortly after 10 p.m., when Aquarius had come to the Midheaven and powerhouse Pluto in Leo anchored his root opposite. That would put his Saturn/Uranus conjunction on or near the Ascendant, with the Ascendant in late Taurus and Saturn either right on the Ascendant or close by, given its 2° conjunction with Uranus. Bernie, with his stubborn short fuse (Saturn/Uranus) is here to be one of the people whose ideas and thinking process break open and revolutionize (Uranus in Gemini) old, extremely stuck material realities (Saturn in Taurus).

Given Bernie’s bull-doggish steady state determination through thick and thin, Bernie would have to have fixed signs on the angles. And stubborn Taurus is by far the best bet. Go Bernie!


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