DANGER AHEAD. Let us seize this opportunity for another evolutionary step.

Just yesterday, two geopolitical observers whom I trust talked about a decided ramp-up to the real possibility of WWIII. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of where I saw the first one. But the second commentator was Lada Ray (in what amounted to a short aside in a passionate post about plagiarism), here:

“In the past couple of days there were several very important and crucial developments in the world which can only be classified as a renewed push for WWIII. Of these, Western audiences will learn only after the fact, or never – unless I chime in now. Make no mistake, WWIII may happen this time – the situation is again getting out of control.”

I presume she’s referring to the peace treaty unravelling in Ukraine, as did this article:

Cold War 2.0 Heats Up: Washington Dusts Off Russia “Containment” Plans

But who knows? Saudi Arabia just fired some kind of shot into Yemen — oh wait, it’s the other way around!

In major escalation, Yemen rebels fire Scud missile into Saudi Arabia

And there’s the entire mideast cauldron which I long ago gave up trying to keep track of just who hates who, when, where, how and why — just knowing that its oil interests dominate U.S. geopolitical thinking there; oh yes, and yep, that “pivot” to Asia, and now the South China Sea, and of course, all of Africa (“commanded”, er, commandeered, by “Africom”). And who knows in what other countries Korporate Amerika’s fat greedy fingers itch to pull the trigger, destabilize, chaoticize, take over, and rip out from the skin and innards of Mother Earth anything material of value to them.

Putin’s current remarks about all of this are instructive. Somehow, his language always thrills me. He knows how to cut through the crap, and does so, time after time. The following post is worth absorbing in its entirety.

RT: ‘Russia would attack NATO only in mad person’s dream’ – Putin

Given that I’ve been bracing myself for World War III ever since I was two and a half years old and, unfortunately, AWARE when we dropped the Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this is nothing new to me. For nearly seven decades I have been watching, AWARE, my own changing responses to the Chicken Little? global situation we periodically cycle in and out of, noting especially, in the last decade or two, that there must be some explanation for the fact that we haven’t blown ourselves up already, and that it’s most likely because certain ETs are preventing it:

Ever wonder why we haven’t blown ourselves up already?

In any case, given that we’ve cycled around to the same flash point again, I decided to “do the chart” for today, and what we’re heading into.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.02.27 AM

And yep, wouldn’t you know, the Sun, at 16° Gemini, is heading towards 18°
Gemini Mars. Meanwhile, both are nearly exactly sextile both Jupiter at 17° Leo and Uranus at 19° Aries. Hot (Mars) unpredictable (Uranus) words (Gemini) by arrogant leaders (Jupiter in Leo) dominate the geopolitical scene. As do organized protests, some of them huge. For example, the G7 (because of course, it’s no longer the G8; NATO and the US have banished Russia):

G7 Summit in Germany gets underway amid mass protests

Besides that hot arrogant configuration with Jupiter/Uranus/Sun/Mars, there’s that ever-present underworld monster Pluto, dictating from below, that the way the “civilized” world is structured economically, and therefore geopolitically, is no longer sustainable, in fact is being dismantled and reconfigured, NOW. Pluto, also in that degree range, at 14° Capricorn, is widely inconjunct (150°) both Sun/Mars, and Jupier — creating another interior triangle, called a “Finger of God” (nice name!) — and of course, as ever during these extraordinary years 2012-2016, penetrating, death/rebirth Pluto is still sitting only 4° from exact square to volatile Uranus. I call this kind of imbalanced but revolving larger triangle (because it includes the smaller Finger of God triangle), one which involves a square, a trine (here between Uranus and Jupiter) and an inconjunct, a TRIANGLE OF CONTINUOUS GROWTH. Why? Because the square provides the tension, the fuel for change, the trine helps smooth the process of change, and the inconjunct (in this case two of them) requires continuous subtle shifts.

And to get right down to the nitty-gritty: I consider myself qualified to name this special (and little noticed by astrologers) configuration the TRIANGLE OF CONTINUOUS GROWTH because I enjoy/endure three of them in my own natal chart!

Let’s intend that “continuous growth” (in AWARENESS, by all parties) is what happens during this next week or so, especially as Sun crosses Mars and its aftermath over the next few days. And let us invoke the higher frequency needed by moving into a meditative space personally and in all our relations with humans and other sentient beings, including Mother Earth. Yes, let us consciously invoke the evolutionary promise of this unusually comprehensive (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and just now, today, as I write this, Moon at 19° Aquarius!) geometric energetic in the miraculous embrace of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.






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  1. CindyW. says:

    as the saying goes, from your mouth to the Goddess’ ear?! (Pluto structures being dismantled and reconfigured – it’s time! past time! and the Yod of Continuous Growth – nice name!) I note none of this is on mainstream media – the ramp-up to WWIII anyway …

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