Epistemological Reflections: 9/11, Ran Paul, Kevin Barrett, ET, the Pope, Daniel Sheehan — and me!

1371180241_truth-and-liesSo, here we go again, once more rowing our leaky boat carefully around the rim of a vortex that threatens to pull the entire matrix edifice down. Of course, I’m referring to “911,” that “inside job” that yes, I did hear a voice in my head say very clearly and precisely exactly that as I watched the first tower fall. I knew it. There was no question. Whether it was by nukes or thermite, I had no idea, and still don’t. To me, it doesn’t matter. What matters is who did it, and why. And what’s been done to us since.

So then, the predictable aftermath. I watched as all the flags went up on houses, in windows, flying from pickup trucks; I watched (and winced) as people all over the world offered us their shock, sorrow and compassion; I watched as notes on weirdly identical paper went up on bulletin boards in New York City to memorialize dead family members and as that miraculously preserved passport was found on the street. I watched the smallish hole that the big plane supposedly made in the Pentagon. I watched the field in Pennsylvania where no plane debris was visible in the featured shallow depression. I watched as confusion-by-design circulated inside me, watched it short-circuit my brain.

in short, I watched, just as I watched during the propaganda ramp up to the first and second Iraq Wars, the eternally (?) gullible American public once again fall into believing something the government and its captured mainstream media told them. I even know several young men who signed up for the military the very next day after 911, so moved were they by what they thought our country needed now, and longing to be of service. Fourteen years later, these same still-young men are decidedly more cynical, not to mention traumatized.

This year and last, I watch as Empire tries to ignite World War III with demonized Putin/Russia in Ukraine, with US/CIA-created “ISIS” in the Mideast (name a Mideast country the U.S. has not destabilized, destroyed, and chaoticized, impulsing a continuous flood of starving, half-dead refuges on overloaded boats to Europe!), and now with China in the South China Sea. But for some weird reason the continuous fulminations of the “best laid plans” of Empire aren’t working! Might it be because galactics or angelics, or ETS or other off-worlders are making sure that we don’t blow ourselves up for various reasons of their own? There’s lots of internet chatter about that.

But back to 911. Rand Paul is now pivoting back to that linchpin of contemporary history, those missing 28 pages that supposedly will turn the world upside down.

And not just the kooky alternative news is reporting it. Here’s business insider:

Rand Paul wants the infamous ’28 pages’ of secret 9/11 files released

Kevin Barrett put it in context:

Declassification of 28-page document on 9/11 will open up huge can of worms: Scholar

BTW: I googled “Kevin Barrett and 911” and discovered this pdf document, at news.wisc.edu, which I find hilarious:

How Wisconsin Can Avoid Future Kevin Barrett Controversies

Which brings me to the point of this post: I feel much like the author Julian Justin of the website Stillness in the Storm, which bills itself as a “Personal Blog with a World Perspective,” in that my primary fascination is epistemological. I’m not so much interested in making certain that I “know” what is or is not true or false as I am in the continuously erupting human drama that tries to figure it all out. And I’m advocating, always, the necessity, really, of continually taking off whatever “conceptual helmet” that has just now insidiously, invisibly rigidified over my and your brains. Open, open, open!

Meanwhile, ground, ground, ground! Both! Above AND Below. Unless we root in and center ourselves on this good Mother Earth, we can’t open our minds to the universe without getting so dizzy we either fall down or lift off — prematurely.

From sitsshow.blogspot.com:

“Our work on Stillness is not to hold flags of truth, but instead to discuss the process of truth seeking as fellow humans on a world rife with deception. If Earth is truly a school for soul growth, then humanity must be a highly advanced series of graduates, swimming in a seemly endless sea of deception.”

This quote is offered as introductory remarks to another continuously recycling controversy, viz., do ETs exist, and if so, are they here, and why, and how many different species, and how advanced, and are they out to get us, etc. Here’s the analytic article to which that quote refers:

Discernment Exercise | Clarification on The Popes “ET Announcement” and Daniel Sheehan’s Predictions for Disclosure

All subjects ripe with fascination to this old crone!

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  1. Kieron says:

    ” I watched as notes on weirdly identical paper went up on bulletin boards in New York City to memorialize dead family members.” I missed this one… thanks.

    Re: Rand Paul, I don’t know… the trouble is, he’s a supporter/beneficiary of the Zionist lobby, from what I have understood.

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