Big Food Department: Whence Cuba?

Like many people, my first introduction to the concept of “peak oil” and its ramifications for our industrialized, just-in-time economy that depends totally on the continuous availability of cheap transport came through the movie Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. WATCH THE ORIGINAL MOVIE. Here’s a trailer.

Everything that I have done since 2003, and I mean everything, can be traced back to this singular movie. The Green Acres Neighborhood Association, GANG Garden and Ecovillage — all my local passions are connected, especially through food as what originally binds us to one another — or not!

So. Here’s the kicker. Now that Cuba has been opened up to the ravages of the global corporatocracy, can this nation’s beautiful example of what we can do, when we get and stay together, let go of heavy dependence on oil and all its attendant products, including pesticides, etc., and farm organically, permaculturally, remain untarnished? Or will this island and its peoples succumb to the hungry maw of Big Ag.

Organic Farming Flourishes in Cuba, but Can It Survive Entry of US Agribusiness?


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2 Responses to Big Food Department: Whence Cuba?

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, in order to remain somewhat optimistic about the future for all, I am now personally at place of
    acceptance of the physics of manifestation as thought…’what we perceive is what we receive’.

    The entry of agri-business into Cuba can go many ways in thought patterns, one such being that
    agri-business is actually awakening to the fact that present practices are detrimental to the almighty
    bottom line, the pinch of which has finally gotten the attention of the ‘profit-is-all’ mentality and some
    in the business are on the cusp of accepting that business as usual is no longer working.

    With that ‘thought in mind’ integration of the Cuban scenario wherein agri-business is undertaken with respect for Earth’s bounty can then be viewed as a positive endeavor.

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