What does end-stage capitalism look like? And what’s next?

Two detailed, heavily-researched posts on today’s washingtonsblog spell out why I, and others who start thinking for ourselves, decide, suddenly or gradually, to do whatever is necessary to sink below the false matrix money culture into the natural flow of Earth’s regenerative processes.

Systemic corruption has destroyed America

Liberation is unprofitable

Rather than a competitive transactional economy (egonomy) where exchanges take place between two “independent” beings and each strives to “get the best of” the other, usually via money or other mediation, let us re-enter an authentic, cooperative economy where each interdependent being freely gifts fully of itself while receiving all that it needs from the world around it.

The Earth is naturally abundant. It is we who have introduced “scarcity” through the matrix money egonomy, an illusion that we have “bought into” ever since as children we were forced to limit ourselves to what mind-controlled adults taught us was of value.

Let us see through the thin veil of the money illusion and reconnect our minds to our bodies which in turn are automatically connected, deeply and irrevocably, to Mother Earth. Each of our embodied selves is a part of her, embedded into her. We are not the masters, nor are we the slaves; we are Earthlings, here to participate with other Earthlings as cells in her majestic, mysterious, deeply conscious and self-organized aliveness as she in turn participates in the larger solar system and galactic, supergalactic, multidimensional orders.

There is no end to the miracles and magic once we remember how to relax and breathe, each inhale and exhale that of the Mother’s opening and closing, pulsing like a jellyfish through shining cosmic seas.


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  1. After reading this blog it’s clear that Serendipity has been at it again (She’s an old friend). Yesterday I took the time to watch a3.5 hour documentary entitled “JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick”. Written & produced by one Frank Conolly a writer & historian (apparently British). some of what his film covers I already knew but the vast majority of what this film covers & the way the dots are connected is stunningly new to me. Do yourself a favor, Ann & take a look. It is freely available on youtube.

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