PHOTO ESSAY: GANG garden, this morning

I’ve been busy gathering photos and other materials from the inception of the GANG garden in 2009 until now. Here, BTW, are the “Before” pictures, taken in January 2009. A backhoe was used to dig the hole for what would become the pond in December 2008.

after-first-rain-looking-southeast-300x225 looking-north-300x225

This is the 7th year, so it seems fitting that I go back now and recollect during the garden’s first “Saturn square” (1/4 of a 29-year Saturn cycle). The occasion: A talk I’m going to give for a group of elders tomorrow morning on the evolution of the GANG garden. Unfortunately, I thought I had until Friday, but it turns out to be Wednesday! So, despite Katarina’s help putting it into a powerpoint presentation, it will be very ragged and unfinished. However, I did take a bunch of photos this morning, for the finale of the talk, “Spring, 2015.” Pay attention especially to the final flower, same flower! — last two photos — two hours apart.

tomato seedlings

Tomato seedlings for sale in foreground.


Some kind of squash.

squash and lettuce

More squash, plus lettuce and calendula.

looking at gate from inside

Looking towards the gate from the inside.

Garden Tower

Garden Tower from the inside of the garden. See

brassicas in radishes

Some kind of brassicas, growing inside radishes bed.

%22The Mound%22

Current condition of the mound outside my house. See

squash and lettuce

More squash, with lettuce.



light purple flowers orange flowers pink flowers purple flowers tomato seedlings lotus early am lotus two hours later

Yep, same lotus, last two slides, opens and closes with the sun.

Geez we’ve got a lot of squash . . .


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4 Responses to PHOTO ESSAY: GANG garden, this morning

  1. laurabruno says:

    Looking awesome! We just learned today that our (non-gardening) next door neighbors are moving out of town, which means our little two-pod property could potentially turn into a Goshen version of what you’re doing in Elkhart. Our landlord even asked me to spread the word to try to find some like-minded, compatible neighbors. The train is now going to be a quiet zone, so perhaps we’ll get our little community here after all. Good luck on your presentation, and send a little luck our way for the right people to find us. There’s a nice, sunny, weedy yard just waiting for a permaculture intervention. 😉

    • Totally terrific. And your pod will start another version of the trend, since both homes will be rentals? Even more exciting, to get absent landlords involved. And a quiet zone for trains, means no whistles and slow trains? If so, how did you work that miracle? Whew!

      • laurabruno says:

        Both houses are owned by the same landlord, who lives about 3 blocks away. He and his wife are both very involved in building community and turning blight into eco-friendly homes. His wife is on City Council and is very supportive of front yard gardening. Apparently, she bikes by most days just to see what’s blooming. 🙂

        I have to admit that I did some major faery foot stomping when we moved in here. The trains were maddening, and I told the spirits of the Land that if they wanted me to stay here, then I needed something done with the trains. Lo and behold, within a month, three separate federal grants came out of nowhere to deal with the trains. People in the City are still marveling at how this was possible, and the quiet zone “somehow” got bumped up to top priority, even though it was everyone else’s lowest priority. Trains are going twice as fast now, with safer intersections and closed off intersections in areas w/o “railroad arms.” It’s not finished yet, so we still have some honking, but nothing like before. By 2016, it will be illegal to honk train horns thru town unless someone is on the tracks. With the trains going twice as fast, the noise passes very quickly. It is soooo much better. Thanks, faeries and Nature Spirits. Meanwhile, our yard is really bringing in the ecosystem. We even had a rare (for this area) red headed woodpecker getting rid of a tree stump I decided I wanted gone. LOL!

        Thanks for modeling what’s possible with the eco-pod.

  2. laurabruno says:

    Bloomington, not Elkhart! Oops …

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