What is “vagal tone” and why does it matter?

While I very much appreciated the quest that led to the discovery that the vagus nerve appears to be the way the body and mind communicate, and that having “high vagal tone” is good, because the person can relax more quickly after stress, and conversely “low vagal tone” is bad and associated with increased inflammation, which in turn is associated with disease, I did NOT appreciate the excessive pharmaceutical loading in the article, nor the attitude that the recommended way to raise the vagal tone is via surgery, inserting an electrical implant. And guess what? The article does mention meditation, which changes vagal tone, but only in one tiny paragraph, far down in the article. Huh? And hey, what about biofeedback, for those who don’t want to do formal meditation? And, of course, what about a change in diet — from acidic to alkaline — to help control inflammation — and thus, vagal tone?

Via Priscilla

Hacking the Nervous System


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