A talk by Shunyamurti: From Permaculture to Premaculture

Update 5/31/15: Watched it early this morning. Still don’t know what “premaculture” means, but loved this line:

All the particles of being are the waves of beauty and joy of the one ocean of pure consciousness that we are that is the unified quantum field that through a mere fluctuation of a wave of thought will bring about the rebirth of our world.

Haven’t watched this yet, but it looks intriguing. For the past three days I’ve been cataloguing all the posts that relate to the GANG garden, now 7 years old, from 2009 through 2015. It’s a HUGE job. More on that later.

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3 Responses to A talk by Shunyamurti: From Permaculture to Premaculture

  1. Alleghany says:

    I think “prema” means love in parts of India and Sri Lanka (only deeper and more profound than our English word “love”). Permaculture is a lovely thought!

  2. Alleghany says:

    Darn auto-correct…PREMAculture is a lovely thought! =]

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